Friday, April 26, 2024

Randy Starr and Sherry Cooper

 This picture was found in the Simi Valley Star and published May 17, 1968. Was it Randy Starr that clued Sherry Cooper in about Spahn Ranch?

 A magnification of Randy and Sherry.

Monday, April 15, 2024

A confidential Report on the Warren Dulaney Murders

Cielodrive just released a never before seen report compiled by the California Department of Justice on the Nancy Warren and Clyda Dulaney murders that occurred October 13/14, 1968 in Mendocino County about six miles south of the city of Ukiah on Highway 101.

If you recall the murders took place about three and a half months after Susan Atkins, Mary Brunner, Patricia Krenwinkel, Stephanie Rowe and Ella Jo Bailey were arrested along with a number of young men, who were local to the area of Boonville. By mid October most, if not all, of the court hearings were completed but a few members of the Family were still in Hopland and the very southern end of Mendocino County.

Once the arrests for the TLB murders were made in Los Angeles County in December 1969 jurisdictions from all over questioned whether or not members of the Family could have possibly committed an unsolved murder in their towns. The murders of Nancy Warren and Clyda Dulaney were two of the murders. 

We have made quite a few posts in the past about these murders. Mansonblog's Saint Circumstance even went to interview Clyda Dulaney's oldest son Johnny in Florida. The blog became friends with Johnny. He sincerely wanted to see the murders of his mother and great grandmother solved. Unfortunately Johnny passed away a little more than a year ago so he won't be able to learn what is in this report.

There is a brief mention of the so called Witches of Mendocino on page two of the report. At the end of the page it states "Investigation Suspended" with no reason. The remainder of the report details the crime and leans heavily on Clyda's husband, Donald Dulaney a CHP officer, as the prime suspect. After reading the report, I understand why.

Thank you Cielodrive for sharing all of your hard work!

Warren-Dulaney File