Friday, March 22, 2013

Martha Marcy May Marlene.....Manson?

Yes, the movie I am referring to has been out for quite a while (2011), but.....I saw it again last night, and was struck about how many similarities there were in the "family" portrayed in this movie, and the real "Family" headed by one Charles Manson. Little details in the movie were very similar, indeed. Of course, I am quite sure the producers of Martha Marcy May Marlene were not interested in making another Manson-movie at all, but it was clever how they implanted little details in the storyline. What I wonder is this: did a lot of the Manson girls behave in similar fashion to the main character in this movie? Were they as damaged? Traumatized, perhaps? Yeah, yeah, I know this movie is old news, but it is interesting to me. This movie, in my opinion was well done, and opens up the door to discussion on the similarities.....Shall we discuss, or do I really need to get a life?