Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Last Supper and 10066 Cielo Drive

Apparently, Jon Aes Nihil has been hosting what he refers to as the Last Supper for the past 35 years at El Coyote. This year, Patty was lucky enough to get invited to sit with him, Matthew Roberts, Stoner van Houten and his roomie, Michael Channels, folks from the Museum of Death in Hollywood, "Uncle Paulie" from whatuphollywood.com (who worked for the LA Free Press in 1969) and a mysterious gentleman named "Ed" from Pennsylvania who refused to be photographed.

What a night. Of course, no one showed up on time for 6:30 cocktails (Jon Seger, where were you?). No one showed up on time for dinner either: Reservations were for 7pm, but nearly everyone waited until 8pm to make their appearances. The wait staff was freaking, Stoner was freaking, and Patty successfully resisted the urge to pop an Ativan. Once the table was full however, a good time was had by all as we passed books, photographs and an El Coyote baseball cap around the table to be signed.

By 9:30pm. the wait staff was again freaking. One of them came to the table, looked Patty square in the face and said, "There's a shit ton of people waiting for this table, its time to leave."  Stunned, Patty replied, "Well, I'm not in charge here." "Who is?," he asked?  Patty shrugged, so he stood further down the table and repeated his same line as if he'd been rehearsing it for a while. A gentleman at the table next to the Sharon Tate booth took Patty aside and offered to buy the whole table another round, just to piss dude off.  However, we complied. Michael Channels' video of the occasion can be seen here.

Cielo was next.  David Oman was hosting a party at his house that we were told was a paid event.  Patty didn't ask how much Oman charged per person to tell his ghost stories and serve Foster's on tap.

On the way out, Patty, Stoner and Stoner's roomie Dave Finkelberg noticed Scott Michaels coming up the hill with a group of very sober looking tourists who didn't say a word. Stoner walked up to him and introduced himself.  "Yeah, I've heard of you," he replied.

The next day, a friend of Patty's forwarded her a link from tmz.com: Oman is claiming that the ghost of Sharon Tate set off his fire alarm around midnight. Um...okay...