Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kids Will Be Kids

Ruth Ann





We tend to forgive them because they were so young.

RuthAnn was what 14-15? She committed some crimes,

did some creepy crawling of her own. Couldn't wait to get her first PIG. But yet we forgive her. We still like her. We say we are happy that she turned her life around and became a mother to three children.

Dianne Lake never known to have commit a crime, only 14. We forgive her and still like her. Kitty was young too, 17. She never committed a crime. She was carrying Bobby's

baby so we can understand her drifting in and out.

She also is now a productive member of society.

But Clem, who committed some crimes, participated in at least one murder. He was only 17 . He went on to become a productive member of society as well. Until Brett outted him. Why do we seem to have such a hatred for Clem? How come we can't let it go, he was also just a kid. If Ruth Ann's burger did kill Dianne, would we dislike her the way we dislike Clem?