Monday, September 7, 2015

Charles Manson Postcards To His Three Codefendants

Circa 1992:

Susan Atkins -- 

"The people you helped and gave to will keep you to use you. The people you let help you you keep and used them and it's all a circle. There is no one. There never was. I knew that when I let you walk behind me. My me was gone before you were born. I did 22 years before you were reborn. Off the ranch they are not for you and never will be."

Patricia Krenwinkel -- 

"My mom ran from home at 14, had me at 15, went to the prison at 17 and I visited her in 1937. Divorce court in 1938. Spent a lot of time inside, got out in 1967, started a rebirth movement and I knew there was no one. Yous will wake up. The people who use you will keep you to use you up."

Leslie Van Houten -- 

"You reached to change the world and let it change you. You let them use you. You went for they wanted to help you count some money. Apart [crossed-out "we"] you all die in prison. Together we make change."