Monday, December 20, 2010

Manson Girls movie update

Here are the recent additions to the cast.                                 


Eric Balfour as Bobby
 (heyyyy he's hot! works for me.)

Tania Raymonde as LuLu (now Saint can rest easier)


Bill Moseley as Charlie

  Bill is better known for his role as Otis Driftwood in Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects and, the crazy brother in Texas Chainsaw Maasacre.


for the full list of cast and crew

FINAL Mondays w/Nancy 2 for 1 special

This first pic was posted some place else before with the caption about now it is lazyboys and martinis. This pic was taken at an expo. Not sure if she bought the chair or just gave it a test drive. I never realized how tiny she is.

This really is the last one. We had a good run. So tonight, have a cocktail, smoke a blunt,stay sober whatever your thing is.

Have one to celebrate for Nancy and her new life.