Thursday, March 24, 2011

59' Ford

From the 2010 "Behind- The- Scenes - The L.A.P.D 
Homicide Experience" held at The Palms Casino in N.V.  
The 1959 Ford the Family used as their murder mode of transportation.  What I would like to know is-
where the hell has this car been since 1969?  
Who had it, how did they acquire it and 
where do they keep it the rest of the year?
Did Juan Swartz make any money off the sale?


Another thing I sometimes wonder is-
where is the Helter Skelter cabinet door
taken from Juan Flynn's trailer?
Does it belong to the same person who now owns the 59' Ford?

read something

Good article about Wavy Gravy t/n Hugh Romney
founder of The Hog Farm commune. 
It tells of Charlie showing up in the black bus at the commune looking for Shirley Lake, Dianne's mother. 
Charlie as usual came with a pack of girls and
some bad vibes. The Hog Farmers managed to run
Charlie & Co. off by performing some kind of an 
"OM Circle".  On the way out they scooped up 
Dianne Lake.

I am glad to see he invested in a whole set of teeth,
even if they are rainbow

Clem performing with Bob Weir and Steve Miller

Posted by Matt Click the link to see pics of Steve "Clem" Grogan performing in 2001 with Bob Weir and Steve Miller: