Friday, February 24, 2012


Sadie's son Zezozoze Zadfrack Glutz

Ruth Ann holding Zezozoze.
There has been much talk over the years about the baby in this photo.
Some say it resembles a mixed race child. Nope. It's Sadie's little white baby boy.

Sandy with Ivan

Gypsy and Clem's son Paul

Dennis Rice's children

left to right- Nicholas, Kathryn holding unknown baby, Joseph and Samuel

Babies never seen in pictures- Bobby and Kitty's daughter, Danny DeCarlo's son Dennis
and Valentine Michael Manson. Did I forget any?

Lynette's Year Book Photos

I personally never found Lynn to be a pretty girl,
except for in the above picture.

Yearbook photos of Lynn.
School and date unknown.

Thanks to Sarah for the pics.