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Judge gives tapes to LAPD in 'Manson family' investigation of unsolved murders

(CNN) -- A federal bankruptcy judge in Texas has approved a request from the Los Angeles Police Department to turn over audiotapes that may develop new clues about unsolved killings involving followers of notorious murderer Charles Manson.

The tapes are about eight hours of recordings between convicted murderer Charles Denton "Tex" Watson and his attorney from 1969, Bill Boyd of McKinney, Texas, whose law firm is the debtor in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the same state, court papers said.

Watson was convicted along with three other members of the so-called Manson family in the grisly 1969 murders of five people, including eight-months pregnant movie actress Sharon Tate.

According to court documents, Watson waived his attorney-client privilege to the tapes in 1976, and his attorney received partial payment for his legal fees when he gave a copy of the tapes to Chaplain Raymond G. Hoekstra, who subsequently wrote a book, "Will You Die for Me: The Man Who Killed for Charles Manson Tells His Own Story."

In March, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck wrote the U.S. court trustee asking for the original recordings. The judge approved the request on Tuesday.

"The LAPD has information that Mr. Watson discussed additional unsolved murders committed by followers of Charles Manson," said a letter signed by Beck and Lt. Yana Horvatich, acting commanding officer of the robbery-homicide division.

Beck's letter is dated March 19, seven days after Watson asked that all legal material relating to his case be turned over to his nephew, Brian Patton, of Rowlett, Texas, according to court papers.

"One last thing: I want to thank you for hunting me down. I'm so glad these documents didn't get in the wrong hands," Watson wrote in a March 12 letter to a U.S. court trustee asking that he forward the legal materials to Patton.

In November, Watson, 66, convicted of seven counts of first-degree murder, was denied parole for the 16th time and will be considered again in 2016, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

In March, Manson, 77, who is serving a life sentence for nine murders and who led his family of followers in a murder spree in 1969, was denied parole for the 12th time and will be up for parole again 15 years from now, when he would be 92.

Not that it matters a bit, but how does a law firm go bankrupt, anyway? I'm not used to hearing that. They're selling the building using this YouTube video:

The Grump's Book Report: The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman by Nikolas Schreck

It is available here: for 52 Euros ($65.00) It arrived in less than 10 days.

This is a huge expanded version of the previous version of “The Manson File”. When I say huge, it is over 900 pages with no “fluff” or pictures. It is very well written, full of new information. Very few “unnamed sources” are noted. Through meetings with Charlie, a lot of the things he said in interviews are explained. Such as “The divorce courts are running through Reno”, and I’ll call New York”.

There is way too much information to share, but I’ll let you know some of the changes to what we already know. I am just saying what is in the book. These are not my words!

Hinman - It was all about recouping the $$ for the bad mescaline. The Straight Satan’s were the ones that forces Bobby into this. Bobby did not call Charlie, Mary did. If that call was not made, it is doubtful that Hinman would have been killed.

April 1969 - Tex and Bruce botched a robbery (of drugs of course) at the apt of Joel Rosteau and his girlfriend Charlene Cafritz.  Rosteau ended up getting shot in the foot. The police got involved and found drugs all over his place.  Rosteau‘s attorney, Paul Caruso made it go away. Why is the name Caruso important?? He was also the attorney for Billy Doyle, Harrigan and Pic Dawson. He was also the law partner of Richard Caballero, Sadie’s first lawyer. Hmmmmmmm

Somewhere in the books on the case, Linda is quoted as saying to Sadie, “Remember that thousand dollars I had? I got burned up in the hills on some bad MDA”. Who burned her? Billy Doyle.

Aug 8 1969 - Rosteau makes a delivery of $20,000 worth of cocaine and mescaline to Jay at Cielo Drive. A large amount of LSD was also expected, however the LSD supplier (who owned a dress shop) was out of town till the next day. Rosemary‘s name is never mentioned, but it would have to be her..

Later that night, Tex and the girls go to Cielo with the intention of robbing Jay of his drugs. When he learns the LSD is not there, a fight breaks out and they end up dead. It reads that two of them were tied up, and the others killed. When Charlie and friend returned later, the other 2 were killed.

The LaBianca killings - This is a tough one. The book doesn’t even settle this. There are theories mentioned, some we’ve heard before. Yes Leno had had mob connections. The Genovese family is mentioned many times in the book. When The Beach Boys manger, Grillo(?) told Charlie, “I’ll call New York”!, he actually called Leno. This came from Grillo’s secretary.

Remember in Little Paul’s book where he talked about a mob lawyer putting him up in a hotel and questioning him??

Did Rosemary deal LSD? No credible source was ever found. But how did she accumulate an estate over 2 million dollars in 1969?  Her store sold wigs. Tex sold wigs. Important? Maybe, I don’t know.

If Leno was in debt to the mob for $200,000, why didn’t Rosemary cover it?

Was it a robbery? Maybe, the safe was empty and Bruce took off for England with Leno’s coins.

The Labianca’s had a drug dealer neighbor whose name was Quartermain. He was the boyfriend of the mother of one of the Murdered Scientologists., Doreen Gaul or James Sharp. He ran in the same circles as Rosteau. That was the reason for those murders.

There is way too much information to share in this forum. If you spent the $100 for “Death to Pigs”, there is no reason not to buy this. The Process is hardly mentioned at all. The whole Mafia, Catholic Church, Italian Bugliosi issued is explained in detail. It is best to have a pad and pen nearby as there are many facts you will want to write down. Porno movies, gay sex and kiddie porn discussed in great detail. (Altobelli and Charlie gobbled each other’s knobs a few times). Peter Lawford, the Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe, it’s all here!

Some facts I remember:

Joel Rosteau  Sebring’s dealer - Mafia
Both LaBiancas - Mafia
Candy Stevens (Charlie’s 2nd wife) - Mafia
 Candy took the alias “Leona” after one of her clients (Leno!)
Gary Hinman was an FBI Informant
The Straight Satan’s were Mob connected
Manson meets Dennis Wilson at Gary Hinman's house during a drug buy, not at his house. The whole hitch-hiking story was a cover-up.

This one caught my eye:

The prosecution offered Charlie a deal, 18 years in jail, if he testified against Tex and co. He refused.

The book is not entirely pro-Manson. Some of the theories are a little far fetched. But so was “Helter Skelter” for that matter!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Tape is Allowable, says Texas Judge


The Associated Press
PLANO, Texas — Los Angeles police are entitled to audio recordings of conversations between a Manson family member and his attorney, a Texas judge ruled Tuesday.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Brenda T. Rhoades of Plano granted the request allowing police to obtain the eight cassette tapes containing hours of talks between Charles "Tex" Watson and Bill Boyd, a now-deceased Texas attorney who once represented Watson.

Detectives want to listen to the tapes to learn whether Watson described any unsolved killings in the conversations. An LAPD spokesman has told The Associated Press that officers have no specific information on what might be in the recordings.

A law firm in McKinney where Boyd once worked has the tapes, and a trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding involving the firm asked the judge to grant legal authority to give police the recordings. Boyd died in 2009.

Watson is serving a life sentence for his role in the 1969 Tate-La Bianca murders. He previously made the tapes available to the co-author of his 1978 book, "Will You Die for Me? The Man Who Killed for Charles Manson Tells His Own Story."

Rhoades' ruling came despite an objection from Watson's current attorney, who argued Watson didn't waive attorney-client privilege when making the book deal.

In the book, Watson detailed his role in the killings of actress Sharon Tate and six other people but didn't mention any unsolved slayings.

Watson, now 65, was convicted of all seven murders. He and three other Manson followers were sentenced to death but had their sentences commuted to life when the death penalty was briefly outlawed in 1972.

Boyd, who was hired by Watson's family, conducted a long fight to prevent his client's extradition to California from Texas, where Watson went after the killings.

According to court records, Watson waived his right to attorney-client privilege in his dealings with Boyd in 1976. The law firm then surrendered the tapes to the co-author of Watson's book in exchange for partial payment of legal fees.

The Smell of Death at Barker Ranch

Photo courtesy Robert Hendrickson
Compounding this lack of concern for potential victims was my discovery of a hand written "help" note left behind by a possible hostage. After our trip, with members of the Family to their Death Valley hideout, Craig and I alone, later made another trip to Barker's, but this time with a dune buggy up the more difficult Golar Wash canyon. The other difference was, this time, the scorching desert heat was fast approaching. Also, this time we could do some investigating on our own, without the watchful eyes of the Manson Family. Strange as it seems now, there are only two things I remember about the abandoned Ranch from that trip.

After entering an old out building, (can be seen as Gypsy points it out in the new Manson Gang film) I found a piece of paper with handwriting on it. I took it back outside and read it. It was a note, apparently written by a daughter in hopes that it may find its way home to her mother. Somewhat desperate in its tone, I realized that the game of making a movie about the Manson Gang, wasn't a game anymore. Many thoughts were now crossing my mind, as Craig and I had a bite to eat. Also exhausted, after lunch we decided to take a nap on the ranch house front porch.

It must have been a hour or so later, when we awoke to the most God awful smell that anyone could possibly have imagined. The next thing we realized, was that it must have been at least 120 degrees, and we were in the shade. I'm sure that the troubling note found earlier had played some tricks on my mind, but without any question, we understood that the horrible smell could only be coming from a dead body. Craig quickly fired up the dune buggy and I, almost in a panic mode, returned the note to its original resting place. With breakneck speed two young filmmakers got the Hell out of there.

One of the possible grave sites sites is about 50 feet away from where Hendickson was sitting on the front porch when he smelled it.  Since it was soon after the arrests there would still be a lot of soft tissue decomposition going on (very smelly) and in that sandy soil, it would migrate up very easily.  According to one of our sources who went to the Barker Ranch in 1969, there is about two feet of alluvial deposition on that spot since 1969. If there is a serious dig it must be much deeper than the 3-4 feet that was previously allowed.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Will LAPD get the tapes?

Tomorrow is the day for Boyd's Bankruptcy Hearing.  A friend of the blog  "Tom" will be attending.  Tom will fill us in about LAPD getting the tapes or not.  The public is invited to attend.  We will keep you posted.

11) Boyd Veigel, P.C. - 09-43943 - CH 7
[109] Motion and Notice to Creditors for Court to Direct Trustee to Turnover all
Recordings between Debtor and Charles D. Watson to the Los Angeles Police
Department and all Legal Files Between Debtor and Charles D. Watson to
Charles D. Watson c/o of his Nephew, Brian Patton Filed by Linda S Payne

The link below.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What happens next?

If these tapes give up the long awaited info about all the other murders the Family has boasted about, who do you think might have been involved in them?  And what are those people thinking about now?

Eviliz thinks................
Tex is thinking- I knew I should not of said those things but I was high off my mother's home made canned veggies.  I know, I will blame it on Charlie and the girls.  Yeah, that's it!  Then he gets to praying while lying in the fetal position.

Bruce- Dammit, one more month and I would of been out of here.
Goodbye home, wife and daughter in Pismo Beach.

Charlie- These children that come at you with knives, it was Tex and the girls, I didn't order those killings.
Shit, where's my cell phone?

Clem- I better play my ass off on at the next few gigs.  They may be my last.

Cappy- Still loyal to Charlie as usual knows nothing.

Nancy- Hope they let me share a cell with on of my sons.

Mary- So, I was wearing straight lady clothes trying to blend in for nothing?

Lynn- I am quaking in my quonset hut.

RuthAnn- I do not know anything.  I am still waiting to get my first pig.

Sandy- None of those people were suppose to be home.

Kitty- I hope they don't threaten me with the gas chamber again.

Gypsy- I told you before- I was to fat to fit through any windows!

Dianne Lake- I am NOT going to Patton State again!

Barbara Hoyt- I heard each and every victim scream.

OR Since Sadie is long dead they might blame everything on her.

I can't wait to see how this plays out.

LAPD Awaits Audio Recordings in Manson Case

A bankruptcy court judge in Texas could help unravel additional Manson Family murder cases.
Patrick Healy reports for the NBC4 News at 5 p.m. on May 25, 2012.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"New Possible Evidence" in Manson Murders

Breaking news at NBC Los Angeles this evening...

In a letter dated March 19, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck requested "eight hours or so" of audio recordings between attorney Bill Boyd and his then-client Charles "Tex" Watson, according to a U.S. bankruptcy filing.

Watson, the former right-hand man of Charles Manson, is currently serving a life sentence for his involvement in the 1969 Manson Family murders.

Although the LAPD has yet to receive the recordings, police believe the interviews could contain information about unsolved murders.

"The LAPD has information that Mr. Watson discussed additional unsolved murders committed by followers of Charles Manson," Beck wrote.

Remember where you read it first!!!!  

Read more at:

Watch the video on MSNBC

See our Barker Ranch burial sites post HERE

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mary Brunner

Thank you, L.W. for the photo!

Monday, May 21, 2012

John Waters

Rumor has it John Waters is hitchhiking across the USA to Baltimore. Someone please go pick him up and get an interview about Leslie! Patty will give you Liz' green socks with the Spahn Ranch river water on them if you do.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some really great pictures of Spahn Ranch I never saw before.  Plus your standard pics of the girls.


One of our members asks~ Curious, Manson has two female heads on his forearms, yet I never read anything on who they represent and how long he has had them.  I assume one is his wife Rosalie?  The swastika is evident but how many other tattoos does he have? I read eviliz daily and hope someone can answer the questions. Good question and thanks for your daily support!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Kitty Lutesinger (date unknown)
Thanks to Racestarr for the pic.  Racestarr rocks!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catherine Gillies

Is that a Bible open in front of Cappy?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother Mary with Pooh Bear

Some more great photos courtesy of our friends at Helter Skelter Forum of Mother Mary and family that Patty has never seen before. Patty must say that this appears to be one, big, close knit, happy family. Good for them!

And it would also appear that Charlie's grandkids are alive and well and possibly also repopulating the earth by now, though it will take quite some time until there are 144,000 of them, so no worries, yeah? It ain't coming down that fast, y'all...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gary Hinman's Bus

The car parked in front of Gary Hinman's house. I already posted on Eviliz blog the youtube video from where I got it, it's not mine.

The car is a Volvo 122 S Station Wagon an I don't have a clue if it's related at all with Hinman's.

Kind regards from Spain - Zarathustra

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bush making Doris one of his Thousand Points of Light

The original photos that were sent from the White House and what appeared in Restless Souls

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DeJon R Lewis

Mr. DeJon Ramone Lewis recently came to "fame" when he represented Charles Manson at his latest parole hearing. The one which Charlie chose NOT to attend. Patty heard him interviewed recently on Brian Davis' excellent radio show (see It was also on Mr. Davis' show that Patty inquired a while back, "who is Charlie's attorney?" The barrage of comments came that it was Giovanni di Stefano. Patty was suspicious of this answer because friend of the blog A.C. said it wasn't so, and because she could find no proof on line.

Anywhoo, Patty was very impressed by Mr. DeJon R. Lewis' professional demeanor and his eloquence. And she also tends to agree with him that Charlie needs a shrink at this point, not more time in the hole.  Think of the things that criminal science could learn from him!

Patty is not ashamed to admit that because of Mr. Lewis' first name and the lovely baritone of his speaking voice, she assumed he was black. Turns out, he is. How, you ask, does a black man come to represent the world's most evil man, the one who wanted blacks to be subjugated to him and his 144,000 offspring at the conclusion of his epic race war? How does this happen? Because, Helter Skelter was a lie, in Patty's humble opinion, and because Mr. Lewis appears (on the very surface, at least) to be a thoughtful and competent attorney.

Patty took the liberty of looking up Mr. Lewis on line. He did his undergrad at Chaminade in Honolulu where Patty's sister used to work, and law school at the Ventura College of Law. He passed the Bar in 2003, and practices injury and family law in Ventura, CA just south and west of Corcoran, but in a different county. How then did he get to be Charlie's court appointed attorney? Mr. Lewis has never even met him, as per Mr. Lewis. Patty needs to look into this a bit further, don't you think?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Squeaky's Swimming Hole"

Dear friend of the Evilist SUMMER SWANN has graciously allowed Patty to share these photos that she took at The Family's famous swimming hole near Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth. Summer calls it "Squeaky's Swimming Hole," and says it's not a difficult hike to get there. However, since not a lot of people know exactly where it is, most of the time you can enjoy it privately or with a good friend or three.
Below: Summer poses by a tree that looks a lot like the one in the High Places video (you can see that here:
Channeling the essence of Squeaky in the swimming hole.
Thank you for allowing us to share. You Rock!

Manson's Missing Treasure

Sgt. Paul Dostie says:

"Charlie and I have a friendly relationship over several years now and we have had over 200 phone conversations as well as the exchange of many cards and letters. He has even sent me a Christmas card! Charlie was kind enough to tell me about a stash of supplies buried near the Barker Ranch and circle the location on an aerial photo.

"I have the photo but you can print Charlie's letter describing what is buried at the stash location.  It is illegal to bring a metal detector into a National Park or dig in a National Park.

"Charlie has given me a Family name. This does not mean that I am a member of the Family darn it!  The name he gave me is "Dog Boy". He said that on the chain gangs in the south, when working on the side of the road, a guard with a dog would patrol the area in case anyone tried to escape. When one of the inmates saw the dog coming towards them, the word would be passed down the line, "Dog Boy coming, Dog Boy coming".

Friday, May 4, 2012

Funny Shit From The Tour

Buster having his way with Apollo

Sign in the Ballarat Store men's room 

Sign in ladies room at the restaurant in Panamint Springs

book in the bunk house at Barker's

Message on wall in the bunk house at Barker's

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eviliz Tour 2012 - Day 5


A Little bit of lower Topanga

The Malibu Feed Bin at the base of Topanga Canyon

Liz, Patty & I briefly ventured into the Snake Pit.
It was creepy. First a pentagram drawn into the sand and some menacing parrots.
We got the hell out of there.

Spahn Ranch

A few shots of where the actual ranch buildings were:

The Cave at Spahn Ranch:

A lot of sediment has built up on the floor of the cave since this photo in 1970. There are 9 of them in there. I know I'm taller than most but I'm fairly agile. I couldn't fit in there. You can really see the difference by comparing then to now.

Matt, Patty & Liz at the cave

Our terrific tour guide, Summer.
Notice the aura?

Charlie's rock

His initials are still visible

Bruce's Car and the beautiful trail that leads to it

Bruces's car

The trail just before the descent to where the car is located

From there you can see downtown LA

Yes, that is a very large rattlesnake.
Summer & I startled it and a second later it curled-up & rattled like... well, a startled rattlesnake!
It made the hair on our necks stand up!
That made two rattlesnakes spotted in one day. Summer says she normally encounters one or two a year, so it is likely to be a big rattlesnake year. Watch where you step!

Fountain of the World