Thursday, April 23, 2015

Manson Tour 2015: Earth Day at Spahn Ranch

So, what if I told you that in one day I would fly cross country from Florida, get high at Spahn Ranch with a guy named Stoner Van Houten,  go out to dinner with The Col, and then bunk for the night with George Stimson?

Would you say that was a hell of a day? Welcome to Manson Tour 2015!

Yeah, thats right- a few extras tagged along this year. I guess it is not hard to imagine the emotions, and feelings I experienced yesterday. Safe to say I went through some changes of my own for sure. Day one of the Tour was on, and with special help from the legendary Michael Channels, Pete Porteous, and the aforementioned Stoner Van Houten, We got a first class look- and first hand account- of the history of Spahn Ranch and the surrounding area.

Personally, just pulling around the final corner and seeing the sign for Santa Susana Pass road, was about when I first started worrying if anyone else could notice I was scared shitless? But Patty, Julie, and Deb were along, so I sorta had to go through with it. I was glad I did. The rattlesnakes left us alone, and we left the poison oak alone, and we all ended up friends.

Dinner with Max Frost and the Col was an amazing experience. Along with George being there, I found myself sitting between the most informed and intelligent people who are intimately involved with the case. It was - even a time for a guy like me- to just sit back with a beer and listen. Some nights should never have to end.

But it did. So we went back to the place we are sharing and I finally passed out in a loft in the room above where my new friend George was sleeping. We have different views, but we shared a great day. I know in the coming days we will talk about some of these differences. I get a rare chance to learn, and hear the thoughts from both sides in a very intimate way. Wow what a concept- People on both sides, and with different views all coming together for a single purpose. For the next week. This is my family lol

All the Very Best-

You're Favorite Saint