Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tate's Hair Designs

Mom Patty had her best friend in town last week from Rancho Palos Verdes. That's where Mom, Dad, Panamint and her baby sister Gluten-free Patty lived when they first came out to LA from Detroit in 1975.

Anywhoo, Patty asked Mom Patty to ask this friend if she knew that Doris and PJ Tate had lived so very close to us "back in the day"? Like, within a mile, maybe. Serious. My mom did not know, nor did Patty until fairly recently. This friend responded that yes, she did know, because she got her hair done at Doris' beauty parlor! She does not remember a lot of details but this is what she wrote:
"Hi again!!! I don't remember the dates. The hairdresser I used worked for Doris Tate. I think I went there for several years. I had many casual conversations with Doris. I knew who she was and that she lived in PV. I believe I met one of the sisters. I also remember a time when Charles Manson or one of his followers were coming up for a parole hearing and talking about the fact that Doris went to make sure they never left prison. She was nice. She wasn't visibly sad. Her business was successful. That's about all I remember. -S"
Special Thanks to Alisa Statman for sharing the above photo to jog S' memory. If we are lucky maybe she will remember more.