Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eviliz Tour 2012 - Day 5


A Little bit of lower Topanga

The Malibu Feed Bin at the base of Topanga Canyon

Liz, Patty & I briefly ventured into the Snake Pit.
It was creepy. First a pentagram drawn into the sand and some menacing parrots.
We got the hell out of there.

Spahn Ranch

A few shots of where the actual ranch buildings were:

The Cave at Spahn Ranch:

A lot of sediment has built up on the floor of the cave since this photo in 1970. There are 9 of them in there. I know I'm taller than most but I'm fairly agile. I couldn't fit in there. You can really see the difference by comparing then to now.

Matt, Patty & Liz at the cave

Our terrific tour guide, Summer.
Notice the aura?

Charlie's rock

His initials are still visible

Bruce's Car and the beautiful trail that leads to it

Bruces's car

The trail just before the descent to where the car is located

From there you can see downtown LA

Yes, that is a very large rattlesnake.
Summer & I startled it and a second later it curled-up & rattled like... well, a startled rattlesnake!
It made the hair on our necks stand up!
That made two rattlesnakes spotted in one day. Summer says she normally encounters one or two a year, so it is likely to be a big rattlesnake year. Watch where you step!

Fountain of the World