Monday, April 1, 2019

Happening Stuff

There is nothing earth shattering going on in Mansonland, just a couple of things that might be of interest.

Cielodrive has posted the transcript of Bobby Beausoliel's January 3, 2019 parole hearing.  I have not had the time to read much more than the first quarter of it, though I did see in a Google alert that Bobby talks about having a prison sanctioned meeting with Charlie while both were in San Quentin.

Bobby's lawyer made a complaint about a petition that Debra Tate organized through saying it was "rife with factual errors."  The petition was apparently signed by numerous people because it was said to be 700-800 pages.  Bobby's lawyer also questioned why Debra was allowed at the hearing and was allowed to speak.


In a couple of weeks Dianne Lake with be speaking and doing a book signing at the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases 2019 Cold Case Conference.  The conference will take place in Albany NY April 15th & 16th.

I saw a schedule in a Twitter post telling that Diane will speak at 4:15 pm on the 15th.  The conference is pretty pricey for non-members and I'm not sure if there is a price for going just one day.  If you happen to live or be in the area that weekend it might be worth it to drop in and try to negotiate a price.



I found this photo, one I had never seen, online a week or so ago.  Initially I was skeptical about the date of the photo because Spahn Ranch burned down in September 1970.  But, I was told that the corral survived the fire and the horses who were initially moved were brought back.

Rocky in this picture is Hugh Todd who was arrested at Barker Ranch with Steve Grogan.  Hugh's mom lived at The Fountain of the World.  I do not know who Pat is.  The horses are beautiful!