Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More Little Paul and Tecopa

Patty thought she'd squeeze one more post out of the cool photos that "Friend of the Blog" sent in. His notes read as follows:

Hanging out in the Snake Pit. (Patty's note: no, not that Snake Pit. This is different). L to R : Jonnie Watkins, Paul Watkins, Patty Mohn, Gary Mohn, Unk. Woman, "Tex" (Patty's note: no not that Tex. This is different too) and Bartender LeeAnn.

1980 Watkins Art Studio and Rock Shop. Downtown Tecopa, CA. Gary Mohn, Paul Watkins, Jonnie Watkins.

Pink Trailer Café, Tecopa Hot Springs, 1979 Vicky on break, enjoying Kay's Breakfast. In background: Gary Mohn and Paul Watkins.

Tecopa "Back in the Day"! Store, Gas Station and Paul Watkins' Jeep parked in front of the Old Tin Garage!
Patty supposes you could call these Paul's "Halcyon Days" between what came before and what happened afterwards. Paul died of cancer a decade later at what was still a very young age.