Thursday, July 4, 2013

Berkeley Barb Motive Suggestion

Along with the Dr. David Smith interview published by the Berkeley Barb Jan. 16-22, 1970,
they also ran the following little story about an anonymous caller with a suggestion for a motive in the TLB murders.  It's a real eye-roller!

I have a good idea of who was living in Berkeley and a Manson sympathizer at that time, bet you do too!  Sounds like the type of lame-brain thing he would do....

Okay, did you read the article?   Assuming that anyone in the Family was na├»ve enough to have made this purchase mistaking oregano for pot is just silly.  Let's do the math to examine just how asinine this is. 
A kilo is 2.2 pounds so 63 kilos works out to 138.6 pounds of oregano!  I bet the entire state of California couldn't have put together that many pounds of oregano at once at that time in history.
I have vague recollections of pot going for $5 a matchbox or $10 a lid back in the '60's.  Don't recall how much a key went for, probably because I never bought one, but let's say it went for the ridiculously low price of $250 per key.  That would come to $15,750.00.  Holy Cow (braised in a nice burgundy with a little oregano)!  How in the heck would the Manson Family have come up with that kind of dough to have made the purchase in the first place?