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Charles Alan Green/Beard - Governor's Decision




The 120-day period after a prisoner has been granted parole gives the full board a chance to review how the hearing panel that conducted the hearing came to their decision. It also gives the legal arm of the Parole Board the opportunity to check for errors of fact or law. If new information is submitted regarding the prisoner after the initial hearing the chief council can refer the case for an en banc review by the full Hearing Board.

I sent new information to the BPH but I do not know in what stage of the process the information was handed over to them. It was rather late in the game before I was directed to the proper place to submit the information so it's possible that the legal department had already done its job.

As was stated in the last post, the allegations I submitted were included in the package to the Governor for his review. The Governor had 30 days to make his decision.

On January 27, 2023 the Governor issued his decision and he decided to refer the case for an en banc review by the full Hearing Board.

So, what does this mean? An en banc review is conducted by the full Hearing Board at one of their monthly executive meetings. As near as I can tell, that review will not necessarily take place at the next monthly meeting but at the next meeting where the schedule allows.

The en banc review can have three different outcomes, 1) affirm the original panel's decision, 2) modify that decision or 3) or order a rescission hearing to decide whether the parole grant should be rescinded.

The information I sent cannot be part of the official record until the prisoner has had a chance hear the allegations and be given a chance to explain the differences between what he has told the Hearing Panel in the past and what I contend is the true story. My hope is that the en banc review will result in an order to hold a rescission hearing so that my allegations can become part of the official record.

If the full Board decides to have a rescission hearing it will not take place for four to six months from the date of the order. 

Many thanks to cielodrive for getting the decision from the Governor 

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Sharon Tate at 80

January 24th marks the birthdate of Sharon Tate, and this would have been her 80th. Peace be on Sharon and her child, Paul Richard Polanski.

Please click on the video to remember Sharon. Music by: Bob Welch, "Sentimental Lady," 1977.

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The John Phillip Haught Police Report

Copies of this report have been online but they seem to come and go. They always have a watermark even though the report does not belong to any one person or website. The report is a public record so it is presented here without a watermark.


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There have been a few documents in the current cache I obtained that are a bit of a mystery to me. Two of those documents are related to Wayne Robert Peterson. One is an arrest report and the other a rap sheet.

The arrest report states that Peterson's birthdate is January 6, 1947 and he was born in Oakclair, Wisconsin. He was born in Eau Claire, WI, actually. The arrest was for the sale of dangerous drugs and it appears he was arrested on a warrant though there isn’t an arrest location. He lived at 338 Windward in Venice CA.

338 Windward Venice CA

Peterson had a previous arrest for drugs. I could not find any newspaper articles about either of the arrests. The rap sheet is dated June 23, 1969 so there are not any other crimes he was arrested for after that date on the sheet.

Peterson passed away in Wisconsin on July 14, 2021. His obituary page has a motorcycle at the top of the page and the text reveals that he loved to ride motorcycles. I ran a background check on him, he had a number of arrests between 1987 and 2013 for disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and bail jumping in Wisconsin.

Given that information and realizing that I’m stereotyping, I’m thinking that Peterson may have been with the Straight Satans but after asking around to the few people I’m in contact with who might know the names of the Straight Satans members, I struck out. He could have had a nickname and not many were familiar with his true name.

I ran across an interesting detail in the article below regarding the timeline of when law enforcement finally put everything together and realized that the Hinman, Tate and LaBianca murders were all committed by the same people.

On November 12, 1969 Venice police interviewed a man who had been arrested for burglary who might have some info on the suspects in the TLB cases. This informant gave them the name of Danny De Carlo as a person who was known to frequent Spahn Ranch. Danny spilled his guts.

I am wondering if Peterson was the person who gave Venice Police De Carlo’s name??? I don't think that the Peterson documents were with all the other documents by mistake, there's a reason why they were there.

If anyone knows Peterson's role in the Manson saga, please share it with the class.



December 11, 1969

Hollywood Citizen News

Manhunt Timetable Revealed

Police on Right Track Before Susan Talked

"Grinding day and night work" and several informants have been credited with leading police to the six Hippies accused of murdering actress Sharon Tate and six other persons.

The timetable for the lengthy investigation of the bizarre killings was revealed for the first time by Los Angeles Police Capt. Hugh Brown, commander of the Robbery-Homicide Division.

It was not the disclosures of Susan Denice Atkins, 21, one of the accused, which put police on the right trail, Brown contended.

It was, rather, "grinding" police work which included probing 150 murders that occurred in southern California in the past year.

At one time more than 40 investigators were assigned to the Tate and LaBianca murders.

Chronologically the investigation went like this:

OCT. 15- Police became aware of the similarities between the murders of 34-year-old musician Gary Hinman and the Tate and LaBianca slayings.

In all three cases the word "pig" or "piggy" was scrawled in blood at the scene.

Hinman was knifed to death July 25, the Tate killings occurred Aug. 9 and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were slain the following day.

Miss Atkins is also charged with murdering Hinman and is set for trial in that case Jan. 14 in Santa Monica.

OCT. 20- Police conferred with sheriff's detectives handling the Hinman case and learned of a girl who might have some information about a roving Hippie band.

OCT. 31- The girl was interviewed and the name of Charles Miller Manson- leader of the hate- oriented cult- was first mentioned.

Manson, 35, who was also indicted by the County Grand Jury Monday for the seven murders, was arrested in Independence, Calif. on auto theft charges. He was returned to Los Angeles to face murder charges on Tuesday.

NOV. 1- Homicide detectives conferred with Manson's parole officer and obtained additional information about his Hippie "family."

NOV. 6- Nine "family" members also in custody in Independence on auto theft charges were interviewed. No information was obtained from these individuals.

NOV.12- A major break. Venice police officers informed homicide detectives they had a man in jail on a burglary charge who might have more information on the suspects.

The informant was interviewed the same day and he provided the name of another man who knew the Hippies.

NOV.13- The informant was located and he told investigators the day after the Tate murders he overheard conversations at Spahn Ranch near Chatsworth which led him to believe that some members of the Hippie band might be implicated in the slayings.

He supplied police with the names of several persons- some of whom now face murder charges.

(Daniel Thomas deCarlo, 25, of Inglewood, who once lived at the Spahn Ranch, testified at the Grand Jury inquest.)

It was at this point, Brown said that the man under Lt. Paul Le Page working on the La Bianca murders joined forces with investigators under Lt. Robert Helder who were probing the Tate case.

Capt. Brown said it was the conversation with the Spahn Ranch informant which led police to conclude that the Tate and LaBianca murders were definitely connected.

NOV.18- Beverly Hills officers informed the Los Angeles teams that a woman suspect in another case had disclosed her conversation with Miss Atkins in her jail cell at Sybil Brand Institute.

The Los Angeles officers interviewed the informant.

Nov. 26- The final and major break in the case. A former cellmate of Miss Atkins related conversations she had with Miss Atkins.

The informant was then residing at the Corona Narcotic Rehabilitation Center in Riverside County.

Capt. Brown said his men, meantime, conducted hundreds of interviews, traveled thousands of miles and constantly checked leads.

He explained they had checked most of the acquaintances and associates of Tate, coffee heiress Abigail Folger; Wojiciech Frykowski, Steven Earl Parent, hair stylist Jay Sebring and the LaBiancas, all to no avail.

Police said they got their first clue they were heading in the right direction when they examined the Hinman case, Brown added.

But it was not until Nov. 13 when they talked to the former resident of the Spahn Ranch, that they knew their investigation would soon hit pay dirt, he noted.

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Bernard Crowe 1980's Court Documents

 In an effort to find out what happened to Bernard Crowe after he was arrested on forgery charges and then testified in the penalty phase at Manson's trial, I sent for any court documents that the Los Angeles Superior Court might have on Crowe.

I wanted to know if Crowe was given immunity on the forgery charges for his testimony at the trial or if he served time for the crime. Los Angeles Superior Court has a terrible archival system. Not only is it very expensive, it also is lacking in organization and completeness. 

I received two different court cases, both in the 1980's. They did not have the 1970 forgery case. The 1981 case documents are not complete. The 1986 case seems to be complete though.

Crowe was not a nice person. He referenced how many times he had been arrested as a youth, it was a lot times!. He told the judge he didn't have any parents but he did have parents, his father was a minister. He had been a heroin addict. The 1981 case had to do with assault with great bodily harm, he shot someone in the hip. The judge told him "It just appears Mr. Crowe that you are a menace to society." Crowe was affronted by that characterization!

The Documents