Tuesday, October 26, 2010


According to his website~Tex's current job at Mule Creek Prision is
Facility Bio-Hazard Janitor.  It must be a bitch getting blood off the cell bars after a major shanking takes place.  I wonder if he sees all kinds of bloody, gross, gory stuff and thinks about the mess that he left behind for someone else to clean up.

Tex and Kristin~ 4 kids later

Kristin and Tex we're married for 24 years.  They divorced in 2003.
This exert is from AboutCrime.com
I personally think after the conjugal visits ended, Kristin wanted some ass on a regular basis.

Kristin Svege did divorce her husband, Charles, but it wasn't because she met another man, it was because of some of his actions in prison that wasn't becoming of someone who claimed to be what 'he' claimed to be. (Whether Charles is truly walking with God at this time is between him and God, details of what he did I won't mention out of respect for his ministry. Suffice it to say her reasons were well grounded in the word) Her reasons were those that the Bible would say were grounds for divorce. It wasn't an easy decision for her and she struggled with it for several years. She realized the impact it would be on the children and that made it difficult. At the same time she could not ignore the immorality and claim to be living her life in honesty as if everything was as it should be.
The man she met was someone who was in her church, the timing would seem as if they met and then she divorced, but the fact is, she had already been planning to divorce Charles before her present husband ever came into her life. It was God's timing that her present husband came along when he did. Kristin was very devoted to her family even though she later realized her mistake of marrying Charles she was committed to following God's rules that once married, always married.
You have to realize that when she married, she was very young and was easily influenced by someone who was much older and obviously very manipulative. It's not that uncommon for a young girl to fall victim to such a person as that. By the time they realize what's happened, it's too late, the damage is done or they are committed to something they later may regret.
Kristin is very happily married now, her children are all doing "very" well. She did a wonderful job raising them by herself, home-schooling and teaching them God's word. They are all very successful in their present occupations and all well-liked. The youngest is still at home and is a very popular young man with many friends. Kristin lives a quiet life, out of the spotlight and just wants to be treated as any normal human being wants to be treated. As a personal friend, I can say that I am very honored to know her and can attest that her main love in life is the Lord Jesus Christ and her devotion to being a Christian wife, mother and friend is clear and un-questionable.


Did you ever wonder what happened to the  PIG door?
It resides some where in Louisiana.  This photo is post Katrina.
It was the home of Trent Reznor lead singer of Nine Inch Nails.
I am not sure if he is still the current owner. And yes-
Reznor knew the history of the Cielo Dr  house when he rented the
property to use as a recording studio.  He also had prior knowledge the house would soon be torn down and acquired the door.
What a great piece of history to own!