Friday, September 26, 2014

The Witches of Mendocino Court Files: Part 1

Our Chief Assassin Deb has unearthed the court files relating to the Witches of Mendocino fiasco of 1968. We will present 2-3 sections of it here over the next week after which we will make the entire 82 page file available via email (or some way or another).

We found the biographies and probation recommendations very interesting. They were very sympathetic to Sadie, but not as kind to Mary.

Here are the 10 pages devoted to Sadie. It contains a really good biography followed up by the court’s opinion of her personality, mental state, etc.

It also DOCUMENTS that they were calling themselves the "family" back in 1968. It has been widely believed that the term was not coined until the summer of 1969 by some of the girls at Spahn Ranch. Manson himself has also said that there was "no family".

Documentation always ALWAYS  A L W A Y S trumps interviews and "first hand accounts".