Friday, February 18, 2022

Helter Skelter Ranked #4 - Weekend Pop Culture

Earlier this week, placed Helter Skelter (1976) at #4 on a list of top made-for-tv movies. What they call a movie was a miniseries but whatever. Steve Railsback typically gets all the pub in this one but Nancy Wolfe as Sexy Sadie steals the show whenever she's onscreen. Wolfe is riffing on Lynette Fromme's lines from Hendrickson in the above screen capture. Squeaky did it better but Nancy is no slouch. 

Anyone not super jaded and full of angry know everything is invited to join my watch party group if you are interested in studying the Manson milieu in pop culture. Manson scene politics are prohibited there. So is guru-ing. 

FYI, my blog email is unreliable. Don't waste your time until I figure it out. Apologies if you emailed me and I never replied. Happy Friday. +ggw 


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Sadie via the Almighty