Sunday, May 11, 2014

Raising a Style Icon: Does Sharon Tate Hold a Clue to the 'Mad Men' Finale?

From the New York Times Today. Unfortunately, it's kind of a mélange of disjointed connections to Sharon.  Young 'uns  discovering Sharon for the first time, throwbacks to the '60's in TV  and they mention both Restless Souls and Debra Tate's upcoming "book"! Restless Souls mentioned first!!! It also touches the glamour of the clothes and mod vs hippie style, subjects that bore us to pieces. There are just a lot of little bits thrown together almost haphazardly.

We suppose it all comes down to being an article on the show Mad Men though and I guess if we were to approach it from that angle it kinda makes sense.

I guess we're not the only ones sometimes trying to shift the focus from the killers to the way more pleasant subject of Sharon Tate, in fact it we may started a trend!

Good luck Debra. Sounds like you're trying to sell chicken scraps as pheasant under glass. Can't wait. Tick tock...