Monday, December 9, 2013

Squeaky's "first time" with Charlie (Rated R)

Hello there, dear readers! Are you ready to read Lynette Fromme's juicy account of her "first time" with Charles Manson? Personally, it nauseated me the first time I read this, but, as I always say "to each their own!"

Without further ado, I bring you Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme's explicit account of her first sexual encounter with the man (Manson) she described as looking (the first time she saw him) unkempt & elf-like with a two-day beard, and body odor (yummy):
His hands covered her body, touching every inch, smoothing and massaging until her fear drained away. Like spiders, his fingers climbed, and crawled into each fold, and crevice of her body. He slid down between her legs, and licked, and kissed, finding his way to an undiscovered part of her anatomy, "a tiny, hard supersensitive  thing," she marveled, a part she didn't even know that she had. She knew it was supposed to be wrong. No man ever had gone down on her before, and she never would have dared suggest it. But she always had wondered what it would feel like. Now she knew. She felt, she wrote, like a "princess wrapped in velvet." Now, he was atop her. She looked up at him, at his broad, content smile, and his closed, dreamy eyes. She thought she was evaporating, and that Charlie had filled himself where she had been. It felt good, she thought, so good, too good-too good, and she convulsed in fear. He paused, sensing her dread. "Allow yourself to experience pleasure, Lyn," Charlie counseled. "Allow yourself to let go. To give up. To give up, and love."She gave up.
Apparently, the second time they were intimate, Manson "invited" Mary Brunner in to "watch." Squeaky wrote that she was doing it with Manson, and felt uncomfortable, because Mary was sitting there watching with dreamy, blue eyes and a wide smile. Mary then moaned "It's beautiful!" KINKY!!!

Excerpt from Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme by Jess Bravin