Sunday, February 19, 2012

That came back to bite him in his ass

A different take on Tex's last parole hearing.

Summoning Shea's memory during the parole hearing, Sequeira acknowledged that in 1970 there was only enough evidence to charge Manson and cult members Steve Grogan and Bruce Davis with Shea's killing and decapitation ; but the prosecutor added the subsequent investigations suggest that Watson was part of the four man hit team that carried out the execution telling the Commissioners "Inmate Watson certainly had knowledge of this crime and the whereabouts of Mr. Shea's body for years." Once he was convicted of the other murders, he was certainly in a position to help, and yet he did nothing to assist law enforcement in finding Mr. Shea's body."
Shorty Shea's skeletal remains were located in 1977 on a steep grassy gully off the Santa Susana Pass. It was Clem Grogan who finally leadauthorities to the murder site. The discovery was made without the help of Charles Watson-and it was made some three years after Watson claimed to devoted his life to Christianity.
"If he truly had remorse," Sequeira observed "why has he never come forward to tell law enforcement about this and other crimes, committed by the Manson Family? That doesn't strike me as remorseful."

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A recent card to one of our members from Charlie.

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Left side.) What you can do now is have a good day, every day. Have no regrets or sadness. Just realize, you are where it’s at, because it’s all alone.

(Right Side.) Traveled the world looking for what I needed to find, and found that when I was in the hills, or on the back porch, it was right there, in my own mind. I shook my head in disbelief, I asked holy men, and the highest of priests; They all said, when you can clear your mind of doubts, fears and questions; Rest your mind in peace and love, your mother Earth, you will be in Heaven. (That’s a poem, or perhaps a song he’s working on). I did (it) fast, because back home on the back porch, they called that lazy and stupid. When the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) came to Kentucky, building dams, it destroyed the way of life along the rivers, and the fishing and stills* faded, and the big drain pit in the yard, and how they made apple sauce, and berries in mason jars* and oil lamps went out. And cars and trucks took the wagons away. In just one lifetime, I’ve seen a lot to know, and knew. And so did my uncles and grandmom. But no one could hear them. TV came, and took it all away for the price of money. *refers to distilleries and making homemade wine (That is complaining about the old ways being displaced.) (Right Side, Upside Down) P.S., no need to write back. I’m inside of you forever anyway, forever and always. And now, loving you is all I do. (Aw!)