Monday, March 12, 2012

A Dreaded Sunny Day

Just as Farf had described, the headstone we were looking for was very near the intersection of Ninth St. and Broadway. What may have once been a quiet final resting place is now a noisy 44 acres flanked by a freeway, a housing project and a Target retail location (formerly a semi professional baseball park). There is also this breathtakingly lovely view of the world-famous Sacramento skyline for the deceased to marvel at:

Also as Farf described, Mr. and Mrs. Heintz are interred with the Deweys in the plot marked B83 276:

So, everything is going as expected when Patty realizes that "Mother" and "Father" have been slabbed over from what is visible in the original photo of Red and Blue with which Farf started this whole thing:

Go ahead, zoom in. Don't be shy. You will also see that Mother and Father have switched places from left to right! Whoa. Talk about "rolling in their graves."

The only possible explanation Patty has is that because parts of the graveyard fell into a state of disrepair upon an ever eroding hill, Mom and Dad's headstones fell over and were replaced by volunteers who got it wrong before pouring the terrace meant to shore up the Heintz plot for the next hundred years or so.

What were Red and Blue pointing to? We may never know for sure...