Friday, December 19, 2014

Satan's Sadists Filmed at Spahn Ranch

Satan's Sadists was the second to the last movie filmed at Spahn Ranch before the fire that destroyed it.  The last movie, of course, was Robert Hendrickson's Manson.

The movie starred Russ Tamblyn who was also in another movie filmed at Spahn, The Female Bunch.  We did a few posts on that one, here , here and here .

Also in the film was Regina Carroll who, after the arrests for the Tate LaBianca murders, had some choice things to say about the Family and their actions at the time of the filming.  That article can be read at CieloDrive .  It's a good article that I wasn't able to find elsewhere online.

Supposedly Shorty can be seen in this film but according to Chatsworth Charlie who sent me the link to the movie, he couldn't find Shorty.

The movie was released June 1, 1969.

Thanks Chats!