Friday, April 26, 2013

Next on the Docket...

June 5'th Parole Consideration Hearing for Leslie Van Houten

                " The lack of criminality within her family, her recent ongoing participation and organized activities, the lack of current alcohol or drug problems, her positive attitude regarding her conventions of society, her positive outlook regarding future supervision and treatment, her lack of antisocial mindset. After weighing all of the data from the available records, the clinical interview, and the risk assessment data, it is opined that Ms. Van Houten presents a low risk for violence in the community. And again as I indicated, this was done by Dr. C. Carrera, C-A-R-R-E-R-A, and it was done in March or probably February of 2010."

              - DEPUTY COMMISSIONER BENTLEY- from Leslie's 2010 Parole Hearing Transcript.

                     " Okay. My deepest apologies are given to the family members and friends of Mr. and Mrs. LaBianca. I apologize to you for all the harm and pain I caused your family. Not only did Mr. and Mrs. LaBianca deserve full lives, you should have had them here to share the day-to-day joys and sorrows. I am so sorry. Additionally, I would like to state that I accept full responsibility for my actions as were noted in the Statement of Facts. I understand the enormity of attempting to start a race war during the turbulent 1960s, and I make no excuse for what I have done. My actions August 10th, 1969, were contemptible and they were without justification. I apologize to The People of the State of California along with the people of this country for the fear they experienced until I was arrested and for my disgraceful behavior during the trial of 1971. I equally apologize to those whose cultures and ethnicities I offended by my ignorance and my arrogance. As a rehabilitated woman, I would like to state that the insight I have gained is not meant to excuse any of my acts. Insight is understanding the whys of behaviors so that it will not be repeated. I appreciate this opportunity to make amends to the many I directly and indirectly have offended and harmed. Thank you. "

                - Leslie Van Houten- from her 2010 Parole Hearing Transcript.

          Whilst reading up over at (which is filled with interesting Manson information for those of you who like to read up on details and facts) I noticed that LULU has a parole consideration hearing coming up next month. Now that struck my curiosity button for a couple of reasons. First- LULU has always been the one who people thought had the best chance to get out. Especially LULU.  Secondarily, I gotta tell you that LULU has always been my personal favorite. Not becuase she was the cutest or the one I liked the best, but in my personal opinion she is the most interesting. Her steadfast and direct focus on getting out at a certain point has been apparant in every one of her interviews and parole hearings that I watched for the first 20 years of her incarceration after her Death Sentence was commuted. I watched interviews with Leslie when she was in her late 20's where she is laughing and smiling and telling the interviewer exactly how much longer she will be serving according to the " matrix". Some hoped to get out, others fought to get out. LULU EXPECTED TO GET OUT.  I have read the Karlene Faith Biography about her which tells how much the prison staff respects her and allowed for her to be smuggled in Ice Cream, and allowed her other little pleasures and special considerations. I have studied the emails from the " Friends of Leslie Van Houten", and understand all the support she has had over the years and maintains today. I have read the positive Psych reports and know her mostly spotless post incarceration record. And do you know what???

In the words of the immortal Clarke Griswold- " I could give a frogs fatass less"

LULU must stay put and pay for the life's SHE PERSONALLY ASKED TO PARTICIPATE in taking!

I have noticed over the last ten years or so that she is finally starting to get it. The reality has sunk in. Bruce getting so close the last couple of tries, and then getting shot down at the last stop has to gnaw at her pretty badly. You now see a person who finally understands the severity of what she has done, and has arrived at the process of discovering the totality of the consequences. But not until fairly recently. So, if you ask me- she is just starting to serve a proper punishment. In reality it still isn't a real justice for the victims families, because unfortunately, the sadness Leslie is finally experiencing is not so much for the loss she has caused to others as much as the mourning of the wasted life she cares about the most..... 

Her own....