Friday, March 18, 2011

I noticed a few new members this week. Matt and I just want to say welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.  We encourage member participation.  But it is not expected.
If you have any photos to contribute or would like to do a book review or any type of write up on the Family, let us know.
E-mail any comments,suggestions or threats to

Road Trip For Some New Pics

 Panamint Patty ~~ one of our researchers / photographers and my BFF is headed out to Death Valley soon.  
She will be bringing us fiends some new pictures.  
Can't wait!!!



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Squeaky The Wood Nymph

This picture was taken when the caught Squeaky after she escaped from prison that time to go visit Charlie because she heard he was dying.
No it wasn't. But the look on her face made me think that.
The five feet of snow here in CT is melted. It is 70 degrees out which made me extra wacky feeling today. That is my excuse for the silly caption.

Blue For You

Blue wet and ready.  Any takers?