Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who was second in charge?

Panamint Patty has just recently finished reading books by Paul Watkins ("My Life With Charles Manson") and Bill Nelson ("Manson: Behind the Scenes"). One point that has become abundantly clear is that there is no real agreement on which follower was Manson's "number two" or "right hand man."

The forerunners:

Tex. Charlie put him in charge at Tate and he was also at La Bianca. Al Springer told police that "Charlie and Tex are the brains out there (at Spahn)." Furthermore, he is Ed Sander's choice for the job and was Bugliosi's early choice because it fit in nicely with the case he was building against Charlie. The Bug has since waffled on his pick.

Bruce. Bill Nelson argues in his book that "Charlie never did anything without Bruce." He was there for Crowe and Hinman, and may have also done Joel Pugh in London at the request of Charlie. He seems of all of the players to have been the least under Charlie's control, and more in control of himself, possibly because he was older and spent a lot of time away from the ranch. He is also rumored to have been allowed to wear Charlie's ceremonial vest.

Little Paul. Right on the cover of his book, Paul claims to be "Manson's Former #2 Man." He was good at helping Charlie attract young girls into the family and with "hustling" items that they needed on a day to day basis. He claims to have taken over the family once Charlie went to jail and to have slept with Squeaky, who was Charlie's exclusive girl.

Bobby. He and Charlie had a love hate thing going on becaue they were rival charismatics. Gypsy and Leslie were "his women:" Leslie has commented many times that Charlie "needed" Bobby. Perhaps Charlie just preferred to keep those who he was most threatened by close at hand.

Squeaky. She is Panamint Patty's choice for the job. Yes, history tends to focus on the men, but behind every insane criminal is an even insaner woman. Squeaky dealt with the family's finances and held everyone's IDs. During an acid trip at Spahn, Charlie asked Lynette "What are you doing?" "I am holding on to you," she replied. "No, I am holding on to you!" At which point, everyone realized it was true, and chaos ensued.

Who is your pick?