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Shoshone Caves

This is our very own Grump From Pahrump at the Shoshone Caves. This is the comment he provided with the photo, "Me exploring one of the Shoshone caves, where Paul, Brooks etc lived. This one is a 3 room one!". ------------------------ From Little Paul's Book: The hillsides around Shoshone are riddled with man made caves, dug originally by itinerant miners, prospectors, and other vagabonds, who, over the years, found the town a convenient oasis in the scorching lowlands of the Amargosa Valley. Shoshone was also a water stop on the railroad line and for a time the site of a thriving hobo jungle which centered in and around the tufa caves. Crockett and Poston were broke and living in one of those caves when I arrived on October 9. Don Ward had told them (as he did me) not to leave Shoshone, that the Barker Ranch was about to be busted.

19844 Horseshoe Rd.

Charlie and company lived here for about three months. I might be wrong but I think parts of Ramrodder were filmed here. It looks like the house has been remodeled. It looks very different from the rest of the homes in the area. I think the plaster was done and the windows have been replaced with modern glass. It's the location though.

Thanks to Ken for the write-up and 
the awesome paparazzi work.

Spahn Ranch - February 2011

thank you to Stacey for the pictures

Last Supper Anyone??

menu-no trans fat woohoo!

thanks to Stacey for the pic's

Saturday, February 26, 2011

what Lynn recently had to say

Letter from Lynn written August 2009

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Q & A Friday

from Gerard-Does anyone know what happened to Chuck Lovett? He seems to have dropped out of sight after Hawthorne. And also what is weird is there are no pictures of him any where. Not even going to court. from Stacey- What was the meal Sharon Tate ate at El Coyote? from Eviliz- what ever happened to Angel Kasabian? from a whole bunch of people- does anyone know what happened to mark turner's it is gone.

The Devil's Advocate Has Got His Own Problems, Apparently.

The reported last Sunday that Saddam Hussein's lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano will not be representing Charlie anytime soon. He will be facing charges of fraud and misappropriation of funds in the UK once he has fully recovered from recent surgery to repair his rectal sores. You can't make this stuff up, people.

eviliz- day late and a dollar $hort

clink link to see the letter to the Prez

The Devil's Advocate Attorney Di Stefano says his
newest devil -Charlie Manson was nothing more than a cult leader, not a murderer.  Manson didn't do the killings. 
At worst he might be guilty of telling his followers to "do something witchy".   Never specifying murder."   
Wtf is the definition of "witchy" anyway? 
Kinda broad, given the source.

Now we all know Charlie was not found of blacks. 
He said the white women getting with the black men is ruining the the gene pool.  Isn't who the letter is written to The President-one of those people from the ruined  gene pool?  I wonder if when Obama was elected, did Charlie
start preaching- "I told you they would rise up and take over!" BUT-       It was "comin down slowly"
by taking 40 something years. 
 the link above will get you the whole letter.  here is some of the same old song and dance in the letter to The Prez.  (Thanks to Stacey for the link)
“I have killed no one and I have ordered no one to be killed."

I don't recall ever saying "Get a knife and a change of clothes and go do what Tex
Or I don't recall saying "Get a knife and go kill the Sherriff."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

Above, Kitty Lutesinger 2010

Kitty, circa 1967

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catherine Gillies

Cappy (2011)

Cappy (From Nelson's Video) (1970)

Friday, February 18, 2011

 I recently exchanged a few e-mails with Susanna Lo.
 Below are the question some of you wanted me to ask her. 

Q.) Did you consult with or speak to any of THE  "original Manson girls" for the film?  Or any family members/friends of the victims? 

 A.) I started to on-line, then decided against it.  First off, I'm not making a documentary or writing a non-fiction book, I'm making a narrative film with my personal vision.  Secondly, there were so many different versions to any one single event, it became difficult to tell which was the "correct" version.  Of course, all versions have their own  validity to the person it comes from, much like the Kursawa movies, Rashomon.  Ultimately, I made a choice as a writer/director, then set about on a mission to prove my choice wrong.  It was tough to dis-prove my choice, then I stuck with it as my best assessment of the events from almost 42 years ago.  Keep in mind, not only was this a long time ago, but there were a lot of drugs circulating at the time; and the people the people that were involved in these events were very very young back in the Summer of Love.  I'm sure there were some "rose colored glasses" involved to the memories.

Q.) Who specifically is funding the film?
A.)  We are funded through a combination of international
pre sale and private funders, but we're still looking for more
to have our full $5 million budget.

Q.) Have you ever met producer/director Don Murphy?
A.) No, I have not met Don Murphy.  Loved Bully and Natural Born Killers.  Happy to be introduced to him by anyone!
Hope that answers all your questions.

Aloha!  Susanna

If anyone else has any questions  for Susanna,e-mail them to me here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Queen of Hearts for Charlie

I heard she gave him a big heart shaped box full
of chocolates with a cell phone hidden inside.

I forgot which on of the ladies sent me the link.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inyo County Courthouse & Jail

thanks to marcc for the pics

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ford assassination attempt grounds present day

thanks to patty for the pics

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Having carefully examined Jess Bravin's engrossing Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme, I can now say that I do belive this is the same tree that Squeaks was photographed under on September 5, 1975, having just pointed Manny Boro's Colt .45 at President Gerald Ford. It is much larger now but note the fork in the tree and the large branch on the left hand side. Also the location matches Bravin's detailed description of the event taking place 127 feet inside Capitol Park and adjactent to the corner of 12th and L on the footpath to the East Wing. Now and then California governor Jerry Brown was waiting there to greet the president: Bravin writes that Brown was not aware of the event until after their meeting. This is Panamint Patty's first post and I am afraid it's going to look weird when I hit "publish." Please don't laugh at me, Matt.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gypsy Song Recording

Did you know that Gypsy recorded a single for autumn records in San Franciso in 1965 under the name Charity Shane ... it's in her bio on wikipedia ... Here's the cd.

The song she sang is "Ain't it Babe"

Thanks to Shawn for the info...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Manson, she wrote...

Then and now pictures of Angela Landsbury and her kids. Son Anthony and daughter Deirdre (Family name DiDi). It has been written that DiDi carried a permission slip with her written by her mother Angela giving the aok for DiDi to run with the Family even though she was underage. Should the black bus meet up with any police officers concerned about under age girls or runaways.

Bill Nelson wrote in one of his books about meeting DiDi present day. In true Bill Nelson style, he did not name names but gives you enough clues to figure out who he is speaking of. Bill always the pervert asked DiDi about Charlies "staying powers" and his love making in general. She gave Charlie two thumbs up. He also asked her why she stopped running with the Family. According to Nelson her reply was that - she loved hanging out with the Family until, while participating in a group orgy, she saw Charlie touch one of Dennis Rice's small children and that is what turned her off from the Family.

Now, everyone knows that Dennis Rice and his "chickencoup kids" came WAY AFTER the murders. I mean didn't Nelson do his research before telling tales??? I guess not. Makes you kind of wonder how accurate the rest of Bill's finding were? There has been talk over the years on the blogs about Bill embellishing. I don't care I still love his books.

Thanks to Panamint Patty for the Di Di idea.

Saddam Hussein's attorney represents Charles Manson in petition

By Ted Rowlands and Michael Martinez, CNN
February 8, 2011 6:06 a.m. EST

(CNN) -- Prominent attorney Giovanni Di Stefano, who has represented former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and his right-hand man, "Chemical Ali," or Ali Hassan al-Majid, is representing Charles Manson in his attempt for a new trial, Di Stefano told CNN on Monday.

Di Stefano has filed an application with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Manson, he said. The petition says Manson didn't receive a fair trial when he was convicted 40 years ago because, among other things, he was not allowed to represent himself, Di Stefano said.

The prosecutor in the Manson case, however, said Di Stefano's claim has no merit.

Manson was assigned a public defender after the judge in his case became frustrated with Manson's behavior while he was acting as his own attorney.

Di Stefano said that was a violation of Manson's Sixth Amendment rights and is grounds for a new trial.

Di Stefano said he wants Manson's case to be reviewed in the federal courts in the United States. Because of the notorious clients he has represented, he has been dubbed "the devil's advocate." He lives in Italy.
2009: Manson the inmate

In a telephone interview with CNN, Di Stefano said he is working on the case because he believes in justice, even though the murders Manson is accused of orchestrating were "horrendous."

"This is a question of law," Di Stefano told CNN. "I have no interest in the facts of this case. The law is the law."

Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted Manson, said he thinks Di Stefano is "wasting his time," adding that "he may be a fine lawyer and very sincere, but he's coming up against a brick wall here because there is no merit."

Bugliosi said the issue of Manson representing himself has already been ruled on by an appellate court. According to the law, it is up to the trial judge to determine whether someone should represent himself, Bugliosi said.

In this case, Bugliosi said he actually went along with Manson's request. "I felt that he might even do a better job at cross examining the witnesses than real lawyers," Bugliosi said.

However Bugliosi said he believes there is no way Manson could have done everything himself. "He needed counsel to help him," Bugliosi said.

Di Stefano said he believes there were other flaws with Manson's trial, including what he claims was a lack of any proof that Manson told his followers to commit murder.

Manson was convicted of ordering the 1969 "Helter Skelter" murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

Manson was originally given the death penalty, but the sentence was changed to life in prison when California temporarily abolished the death penalty in 1972.

Manson is a prisoner at Corcoran State Prison in California, where he's housed in a protective unit.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Manson Girls movie

I plan on touching base with Susanna Lo later this week. Does anyone have any other questions you want me to ask her?

Cielo 2011

Thanks to Stacey

Charlie in his cell at Vacaville

Psycho cat Charlie (on E-bay)

I never heard of this one either.   Anyone?
Confessions of a Psycho Cat: The Story of Charles Manson & the Love & Terror Cult  by Johnny Satan.  They only printed 69 copes and this is #12.  First Edition Thus. (?) Hardcover.  It only costs $552.00.  WTF?

Sexy Shitting Sadie as a child

Sadie (far left), two brothers and her mom and dad

Sadie (3rd from left) with childhood friends circa 1958
thanks to Susan N for the bottom pic

Another Book

I found this up for auction on E-bay.  I never even knew it existed.
Anyone know anything about it?  Below is the description.  The auction runs until Feb 10.  So far it is up to almost $20.

Researcher Alistair Krump follows Susan, a troubled teen.  From her nights as an exotic dancer for the Church Of Satan to having to learn to survive in the deserts of Death Valley while the Manson cult and her shocking confession to find answers to the mystery in this new essay.

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Lauren & Heidi Willet with Frenemies





Definition of these two frenemies - Frenemy- A person with whom you may have a lot of fun and/or a lot in common, who also has a vile and random dark side.

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guestroom @ Cielo

I tried to find a picture of the house Abigail and Voytek had been leasing on Woodstock Rd, but was unsuccessful.  Anybody happen to have one?  All I could find was the shot already posted over at Turner's site.  All I can offer you is a picture of the guestroom they were staying in at Cielo Dr.

Jay Sebring's house

9860 Easton Drive in Benedict Canyon.  I heard this house has some spooky history.

This black and white shot sucks but, you can see the detectives in front getting ready to search Jay's home after the murders.

The chalet named "The Milky Way" in Switzerland.
Roman Polanski's hiding spot.  Its right under the rainbow!!

Sharon as a red head


Catching a ride to court