Saturday, March 10, 2012

Red, Blue and Jacob Heintz: Sacramento, CA

Friend of the blog FARFLUNG writes:

"Hello again Eviliz,

Before Squeaky threatened President Ford with a gun and Sandra threatened some corporate presidents with a pen, they had managed to get in a couple news articles while in Sacramento.

I can’t find the original source of the photo with Red and Blue, where Squeaky is pointing towards a headstone like an elfin ‘Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come’. But I did find the exact location it was taken.

You can see behind Squeaky is the headstone of Jacob Marley, just kidding it’s really Jacob Heintz. Thanks to a Find-a-Grave search one can see the headstone is located in the Sacramento City Cemetery, Section 83, Lot 276. This particular cemetery is also a California Registered Historical Landmark, Number 566.

The Section 83 of the cemetery is closest to the intersection of Broadway and 9th St which is near the nuns' 17th and P St apartment. This cemetery is very much open to the public and actually contains some very historic and attractive gardens. Be sure to add this to your list of photo ops where you can strike a witchy pose in a blue or red robe; it could be habit forming (boom tish)."

Nice one, Farf. Very punny.

Patty did a little more reserch on Jacob Heintz. He was born in New York and somehow ended up as a soldier in the Civil War. He must have decided the soldier's life was not for him, so he paid an unfortunate soul the amount of $44 to take his place, and high tailed it out west. In Sacramento, he started a barber shop, served as License Collector under two sheriffs and ran for sheriff himself on the Populist ticket. Julie Keiffer of New York who is interred with her husband became his wife in 1867. Before his death he retired to farm 200 acres of the San Juan Land Grant, which today lies in the Citrus Heights suburb at Dewey and Winding Way.

"Holy Shit," said Mr. Patty. "Right there?" Yes, it is a small world and this is all very interesting trivia. However. What Patty wants to know is: exactly whose graves are Red and Blue directing their attention to? And might she presume to ask, why?