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Oh Boy! Photoshop

By using Photoshop, we are able to create a panoramic view of the entire area called the Snake Pit and Topanga beach. This is a complete view of the area during the time that the family would have been frequenting it in late 68' or early 69'.  The points of interest are numbered and listed accordingly to the attached key. Both images are relevant  to the key. Typically, the points of interest in this area are posted individually. This makes it difficult to get a mental picture of what the area actually looked like and what was where. Now you can, thanks to Photoshop. If there is anything missing, let us know and we'll add it to the image appropriately. Hope you like it!

Books on E-Bay

 I was over at E-bay today and there is a book called "Surfin' With Satan."  Apparently it is about Dennis and Charlie.   It costs $153.23 marked down from $199.99.  At the bottom of the description it says Sold Out.  Soooooo  do they have it or not?  Either way $153.23 is insane for a book.  You can view a few of the pages as well.
I didn't see anything new or, any new pictures either.  On the front page it says it will be for sale for 11 days.  But if you click on it, it says sale ends in 6 hours.
Did someone say "sketchy ass rip off?"
Oh yeah, Little Paul's book is there too for $75.00.  
"Taming the Beast" for $ 7 dollars and eighty eight cents, cheap as hell. (i have no number eight key) and another "Taming" for $19.99.
"Manson In His Own Words" for $20.00.

Surfin' with Satan

Creation Books 2010
Documents of Culture X-Series, Volume 1

Behind the 60s media images of bronzed surfers and nude hippies frolicking in the California sun, lay a far grimmer reality: Hell’s Angels dealing in drugs, prostitution and violence; occultism; race hate; venereal disease; rape; and a strange, homicidal “family” gathering like scorpions in the desert.

It was against this convergent backdrop of increasingly dark forces that two men – one, a wealthy rock star from The Beach Boys, and the other, an unknown but messianic career criminal – crossed paths in the summer of 1968.
 music and hedonism, Manson’s rock-star aspirations and formative murder manifesto Helter Skelter – and the way in which they briefly and fatefully intertwined. With over 50 telling photographs.SURFIN’ WITH SATAN is an in-depth, illustrated analysis of the relationship between Charles Manson and Dennis Wilson, with background details on both men’s ongoing preoccupations – Wilson’s 
Large format chapbook (8.5 X 11 inches), 40 pages, coated art paper, saddle-stitched, 52 photographic images.



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Fillipo Tennerelli

Another possible Manson slaying in the Eastern Sierra, was a man named Fillipo Tennerelli. Tennerelli was found dead in a hotel in Bishop in October of 1969 of a shotgun blast to the head. The death was ruled a suicide at the time, but some highway patrol officers became suspicious of the official cause of death when weeks after the death of Tennerelli, they found his car over the edge of Father Crowley Point, in the Panamint Valley and on the way to Barker Ranch. CHP reports from 1969 say that officers found “quite a bit of blood inside the vehicle.” More blood was found on the outside of the Volkswagon, leading investigating officers to suspect foul play.



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Read Something

Police removed several cameras from Cielo.  
Below are the photos from the film found in 
Sharon's camera. These pictures were promptly 
returned to the Tate family. 
They were from Sharon and Romans last vacation.  
Thanks to a friend of the blog for the pics and info.

Anyone know who the blonde is?
No clue who he is.  He is in a few more shots.

 Lookin' Sexy.  Anyone?

Is Roman giving him a shot of dilaudid in the ass?
Caviar anyone?

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“Hey, Charlie… Black Beard Charlie!”

"One morning (the day after I’d been told that Charlie had warned the girls to “Watch Paul!”), I returned from Spahn’s following an all-night hike. Though totally thrashed, I borrowed Mark Ross’s camper and drove it out to Topanga Canyon. I felt the need to see the ocean. Near the base of the canyon, just before it enters the coast highway, I stopped to buy a cup of coffee. As I pulled into the parking place, I saw I guy get out of his van and trot across the street toward the gas station. He looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure. I rolled down my window and shouted."

“Hey, Charlie… Black Beard Charlie!”

This is the gas station that Paul Watkins was parked at when he spotted Charles Melton, as desribed in his book "My life with Charles Manson". For what it's worth (which is little), it was a Gulf gas station at the time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Book Report: Love Sex Fear Death (The Inside Story of The Process Church of the Final Judgment)

Feral House, c 2009

The Process has gone through many incarnations since its inception in the early 1960’s: in chron order the group has been known as Compulsions Analysis, The Process, The Process Church of the Final Judgment, The Foundation Church of the Millenium, The Foundation Faith of the Millenium and ultimately Best Friends. Founders Robert and Mary Ann De Grimston were named “suppressive persons” by Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard for using the E-meter and other Scientology-based techniques. Those familiar with the Manson case will remember a lawsuit that The Process won against Ed Sanders, who was ordered to remove all mention of the Process in later editions of his book, The Family.

Author Timothy Wyllie was an original member who left the group in the mid 70’s. Wyllie was a highly privileged “Inner Processean” (as opposed to a lower ranking Outer Processean or acolyte) who took the name “Father Micah.” He recently wrote and edited a book of memoirs entitled Love Sex Fear Death which is named after some of the early zines which The Process printed and sold as a way to chat up new membership on the streets. Today, Wyllie is mostly interested in what he describes as “non human intelligence.” Initially however, the Process philosophy had to do with rejecting scapegoating and blame in favor of personal responsibility and control over one’s own mind. This is what first attracted Wyllie to the group. Later, The Process became quagmired in an elaborate theology that included Christ, Satan and Lucifer among others (Processean dogs which were mostly German Shepherds were named after these gods), which might change at a moment’s notice upon the whim of Robert “the Messiah” and Mary Ann “the Oracle,” who later became extremely reclusive and known collectively as “the Omega.”

Wyllie does briefly mention some of the purported connections with the Manson Family outlined in Ed Sander’s original book. Specifically, he mentions a Process coffeehouse that existed briefly in Haight Ashbury in 1967, the same year that Charlie met Susan Atkins and Ella Jo Bailey there while living on Cole Street among other places. He also relates how The Process were considered Satanists by the general public and hence lumped in with Anton LaVey’s people with whom Sadie was, of course, very well acquainted. Wyllie is very dismissive of any and all connections as an artifact of the fashionable faux Satanism craze of the late sixties and early seventies. He claims to never have met Charlie or any of the girls to the best of his recollection.

The Process’ social structure and beliefs resembled The Family’s in many ways. Both groups were millenarian and taught that the end of the world was coming very soon. Both stressed the importance of getting back to nature and love for the animals, and both endorsed communal living and communal care of their children. Furthermore, donations from new recruits in a Ponzi-esque scheme also kept both The Process and The Family afloat. Ways that the Process differed from the Family include their prohibition of recreational drugs, tight control over sex and “spiritual” marriage, and an absence of illicit crime like theft, prostitution, rape and/or murder. Also, the tendency of The Process’ leadership was to be extremely reclusive rather than publicity seeking like Charlie. Nevertheless, rank and file Processeans were encouraged to try and recruit celebrity membership and as such encountered numerous celebrities including Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary, Miles Davis, Marianne Faithfull, George Clinton, Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin and our friend Paul Krassner.

The remaining members of The Process formed Best Friends Animal Sanctuary which was featured in the National Geographic reality television series Dogtown. Mary Ann Mac Lean nee De Grimston nee De Peyer died on November 14, 2005 in seclusion on the property in Kanab, Utah. She had reportedly been in a comatose state for two years in a home which had been built to resemble an Egyptian Temple (note: Patty wonders if it is still there six years later?). Most of the staff there are no longer Processeans but a few of the old timers can be located by perusing the Best Friends’ online staff directory. Also on their website is a brand new logo: a sweet looking puppy dog face which if examined closely still eerily resembles two “P”s. Compare this with the original Process logo which is purportedly comprised of four "P”s: one pointing in each direction of the compass. (Patty is just dying to say it: oo-EE-oo!)


see for more info on what is left of The Process and an interesting if not biased mini-history that serves as counterpoint to Wyllie's book.

They will never tell



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Villa Bella Correction?

Ken Writes: "The telephone pole isn't the one that was there. It's a newer type that was put in during the 70's. I'm including an image of the gates right after the murders. As seen here, the pole was on the other side of the entrance than where the one is today."


10066 Cielo Drive: Villa Bella Construction

In 1994, the old house on Cielo Drive was demolished and in its place a mansion named Villa Bella was constructed. Liz recently acquired the following photos of the construction for her readers' information. As most of used to think, the only remnant of 10050 is the telephone pole which Tex scaled to climb the fence on August 9, 1969:

In fact, the address has been changed to 10066 to deter the less determined lookie-loos, of whom there are apparently still many.

Here is a drain that was installed on the approximate spot where Gibby's body was discovered on the front lawn:

The following photos were taken from where the guest house would have stood, looking eastwards toward the main house. The swimming pool that was in between the two was replaced by an "Italian Grotto."

More of the construction in 1994:

If you care to see some quick shots of the exterior and more extended footage shot inside the living room of Cielo in the early nineties, check out Nine Inch Nails' video with Marilyn Manson for "Gave Up" here:

Barker complete with bus on the property. 
Was this the bus that had the
"America Love It Or Leave It" bumper sticker?

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Paul Crockett

Paul Crockett, Paul Watkins & Brooks Poston

Friday, June 17, 2011

UP DATED~ Charlie and Carl Ruona

Thanks to Mr. P for the above article
Also to The Grump for his input.

Charles Manson and Carl Ruona

From the book: "These Canyons are Full of Ghosts:
The Last of the Death Valley Prospectors"
By Emmett Harder

The Barker Ranch, circa 1940
Barker Ranch circa 1940

Pre- Family

Post Family
One thing comes to mind A.T.W.A

Post Fire

The Manson File-Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman

Thanks to AC for the heads up about the release of the updated version of  "The Manson File"  by Nikolas Schreck under a new title "The Manson File-Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman."

Here are a few tidbits from the new book which I found interesting.

"An analysis of Manson’s musical career shows that he was never the spurned wanna-be Beatle of Bugliosi’s ”Helter Skelter” fantasy but a widely admired darling of such rock industry mentors as his close friends Terry Melcher and Dennis Wilson. Wilson’s crucial role in the events leading up to the Hinman-Tate-LaBianca murders is exposed, as are the exact circumstances which led to Manson’s sudden fall from grace in the Summer of ’69 - just when he was poised for Beach Boys-backed superstardom."

"The drug robbery spree instigated by Charles ”Tex” Watson against his criminal rivals is seen to differ radically from the hippie horror story of random murder and race war presented in court and peddled to the public ever since.

 Schreck draws on police evidence and interrogations suppressed during Manson’s trial to unmask the ”Helter Skelter” legend as one of the twentieth century’s most successful cover-ups."

"Jay Sebring’s ”hairdresser to the stars” celebrity is uncovered as a front for organized crime activity rooted in JFK’s White House, Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack, and the Mafia’s brutal grip on American show business."

Below is the link to Shreck's website.  The book appears to be in another language.  There is no mention of where to purchase it either. There is a "shop" button at his site which does not work.
I checked Amazon but found nothing about the re-released version.

Some history about Nikolas Shreck-  He is married to Zeena LaVey
daughter of Anton La Vey, founder of The Church of Satan.  Zeena is the mother of Stanton LaVey who gave an interview in "Charles Manson Now." 
I found a website about Zeena.  Below is an excerpt from the site.  This website has the only info I could find regarding Schreck's connection to Manson.
Zeena and Nikolas married in 1988; she became the ‘Co-Director
and Alpha Female of the Werewolf Order.’ Zeena, who along
with husband Nikolas staged an event on ‘8/8/88’
celebrating the slaughter of the victims of The Manson Family.
‘The 8/8/88 Celebration's consisted of several Charles Manson movies,
a Survival Research Labs film of a horse skeleton hooked up to various kinds of machinery,
which was interesting, a live performance by the
industrial-dirge band NON and finally a quasi-Fascist Satanic Ritual  involving Anton
LaVey’s large-breasted blonde daughter Zeena LaVey reading aloud from her
fathers books while Felina, Nikolas, Mark and Pauline stood around in
Gestapo uniforms. Unknown or maybe known to them, a more sinister profile
of events had unfolded in that year.

Nikolas Schreck still claims credit for editing ‘The Manson File.’
He was given the job as editor because he worked part-time in a print shop
and told the publisher he would present him with laid-out, type-set and
camera-ready graphic of the work by a certain due date. The due date
came and went and the publisher had to travel to Hollywood and
camp out on Schreck’s doorstep, just to retrieve the source material,
none of which had been worked upon at all.

The publisher himself had to throw the material together and write all
of the text at the eleventh hour. Schreck’s name only renamed on the
project because the book had been announced and the publisher was
none-too-pleased at the prospect of having his own name appear
on this mess that had been tossed together at the last minute.

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"The Cosmic Children"

"The Cosmic Children" is a movie that was filmed by the famous surf movie maker Hal Jepsen. This portion of the film shows life on Topanga Beach. This was released in 1970.

These are the actual people that the family would of been hanging out with when they were at Lower Topanga Canyon (aka The Snake Pit). This is probably a good representation of what life in the area would of been like and why it got the reputation that it did. It's easy to see what the attraction would of been for Charlie and the family members.

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The FULL Bill Nelson Interview with Diane Lake

By popular demand here in its entirety is the Bill Nelson interview with Diane Lake:

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Kasabians/Christians Continued~ Crack A Lackin

How do you enjoy your cocaine??


or soft?

 On October 24, 1996, members of the Tacoma, Washington Police Department served a search warrant on the apartment owned by Kasabian's daughter Tanya [sic], known to authorities as "Lady Dangerous." Kasabian, as well as Tonya's two young children, were present when the police arrived. Their report stated: "In the master bedroom (defendant's bedroom) officers located a small baggie containing suspected rock cocaine and a large bundle of cash in a dresser drawer. On top of the dresser was a bunch of baggies. Also in the room officers located a .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun, ammunition, electronic scales, a plate with cocaine residue, and another bundle of cash . . . Tanya [sic], found guilty of possession of controlled substances, was sentenced to a year in state prison.
Christian charges that this statement mistakenly confuses her with her sister, Quanu and is defamatory because she has never been convicted of possession of a controlled substance.

Click on the link  below to read the entire above story

Don't forget to read these too

Like mother

 Like daughter

Yana The Witch Returning From New Hampshire

I wonder what Leslie was thinking??

Immunity Anyone?

Linda Kasabian Present Day


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A response to the responses...

The "eviliz book offer" has generated a nice response, but most folks who blog, on any website, don't spend "any" money on learning more about what they are talking about. This is understandable because we all spend a great many years going to "Establishment" schools only to realize that we learned very little. At best we are "inspired" by a few teachers, but inspired to to what? If anything, the "teachers" only plant the establishment's "programs" in our vulnerable little brains. Then one day, an aware stranger comes along, recognizes the "program" planted in us and taps into it. Of course, any aware person can easily alter the program, already planted in the unaware person, or sometimes the "program" itself is not compatible with certain individuals and a genius / monster is created.

We'll spend a hundred bucks on dinner and a movie for two, in hopes of getting our genitals stimulated, but $100 to get your brain working? The establishment has taught us all that 12 years is enough, but if you go another 4-8 years to college you'll be set for life. Anyone care to reveal YOUR success story based on that theory?

Matt asked me to join your blog, so I read your responses and comments in connection with my book. Now what, you've ALL inspired ME to write a new book about what my response / comments would be?

Robert Hendrickson

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Eyes of a Dreamer - The Tyler Shields Interview

Lindsay Lohan and Tyler Shields

(He is much too cute to play Charlie!)

Hello again faithful readers! Eviliz has been busy with this n that: first Coachella, then Cannes, then her graduation ceremony from The School of Hard Knocks with a PhD in smartassedness (summa cum laude). In between all that, she chatted with friend of the blog Tyler Shields and asked him all of your questions about his upcoming project. You heard it here first: who loves ya, baby?

The first question which everyone is dying to know: Will Lindsay Lohan be playing Sharon Tate? If not, who will be playing Sharon?
(Unanswered! Dang it!)

Will Marilyn Manson play Tex Watson?
That was a rumor. He and I joked about it at a party. (It) would be cool if he did, but it was never planned.
(evilliz is very upset over this.)

Will Haley Webb play Susan Atkins?
She might. She's great but it all depends on who I cast as the lead girl.

Is Nick Stahl attached at all?

It is rumored that you will be playing Charles Manson. Is that true?
Yes that is the plan as of now.

Are there any actors or actresses who you would like to be in the movie but refused? If so, what were their reasons?
I think this movie certainly isn't for some people. But once they see how I am going to do it they will understand.

How important will it be to the look of your film to have actors and actresses who strongly physically resemble the charecters they are playing?
I would rather have someone who can do the scenes over the exact look.

What inspired you to do this movie?
I didn't want to do it at first but the more I got into it the more right it felt.

Are you going to film on any of the actual locations where the Manson Family lived? If not, what will be the location(s)?
Yes for sure we will be filming all over.

Are you in production yet, and is there an expected release date?
We are casting at the moment.

Can you share the source of your funding?
At the moment I can not.

Did you try contacting any of the actual Manson Family or any of the relatives of the victim's families? Did you try contacting Charlie himself? If so, what were the outcomes?
I have recieved a few death threats however not from the Manson Family but from anti Manson people.

Of all the Charles Manson songs why did you choose "Eyes of a Dreamer" as the title?
(It) just spoke out to me.

Will there be a sound track, and if so what artists do you have in mind?
Yes for sure Benji Hughes will be doing some original score.

Will the movie follow the "helter skelter" theory of the crimes or some other historical interpretation? We ask because another movie about Manson that is currently in the works sounds as if it will be more fiction than accepted fact?
This movie will be like no other Manson movie ever done.

What will be the "take away" of your film? What will viewers remember about it five or ten years after seeing it?

It's a family and the story is a family story. Just their Family


This is the rock some call Charlie's Rock. It is located in the creek area at Spahn's Ranch. It's rumored that this is where Charlie sat and played guitar and did his preaching to the family. It's said that Charlie did his audition for Jakobson on this rock too. From the discription of the audition in The Family, it would point to that as being true. Apparently it has been demolished since the last time I was up there. Michael at BackPorchTapes said he thinks Christians did it. Not sure if I believe that, but it's a shame it's been destroyed.


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Nug Magazine? Really?

San Diego, CA, June 08, 2011 –(– The feature story for the June 2011 NUG Magazine is entitled "Charles Manson and ATWA." In an exclusive interview, freelance writers Kelly & Crystal Hutchinson were able to obtain some insight from Charles Manson, along with friends Gray Wolf and Star, on his music, ATWA, and the Savior Project.

In January of 2011, Charles Manson published a 12-page ATWA booklet that includes his life experiences in his own words, the role of ATWA, and the Savior Project.

The booklet describes:
"The Savior or Savior Project is an idea of Charles Manson’s for a seed gun: a gun that anyone/everyone can use to quickly and effectively plant seeds over a vast area. Currently, the project is developing functional loads and proper seed/compost mixtures to be used universally in common paintball guns. Mr. Manson has expanded the invention to include M-80 block guns converted to seed loads, seed-mortars, seed-bombs dropped by helicopter, seed artillery, etc."

The interview was compiled by questions answered via email, postal mail, and by phone conversation between Charles Manson and Gray Wolf.

About: NUG Magazine is San Diego’s Original Cannabis & Culture Publication. The print version is distributed monthly free of charge all over San Diego County, as well as through a paid subscription service to readers all over the world. The increasingly popular digital version can be found online at

Good Deal

From Robert Hendrickson -Purchasing Death To Pigs

We have a dozen copies where the last page is printed slightly cocked a couple of degrees. If any of your bloggers email us and mention the "eviliz offer' they can have one of these books for $65 (includes Priority mail shipping). If they want the Book with our 2 DVDs, they can have the entire Media Collection for $99.95 (includes shipping).

                   ordering information

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Book Report: "Death to Pigs"

All information used with permission from Robert Hendrickson/Exclusive Film Network
order yours today at:

Patty recently saw where someone commented on a blog something to the effect of, “I don’t know which is more shocking: the fact that Robert Hendrickson is charging $100 for his book, or that he finally got it finished!” Indeed, the cover price is a bit steep, but this is apparently a very small run for a very small audience (i.e., us), and as such, the price point for a self-published text is just going to be high. Furthermore, Patty understands Robert's hesitancy to release his story because after all, this story never ends. YES, there are a ton of typos, and YES his insistence on translating hippie slang for us seems weird. Nevertheless, SUCK IT UP PEOPLE, because there’s definitely a ton of stuff in here that you have never read anywhere else before.

The Manson mystique is a prism: depending on who you are and where you are standing, you are going to see the events differently. Herein lies the reason that the objective “truth” about the murders will never be agreed upon. In the book, Robert quotes Bruce Davis to make this point:

“It is only human to see your cat instead of the author’s cat. Therefore a skilled attorney…is going to describe for the jury his own cat…then the reporter is going to further describe the same cat…(and) if the truth is not exciting, it gets altered”

Robert’s background is military with a very high security clearance. He has a keen analytical mind and presents excellent sociopolitical and legal commentary on the events as he recorded them between late 1969 and mid-1972. He is also into metaphysics: he seems to be interested in how thoughts and energies can attract like thoughts and energies to affect physical events. This theme of “where your attention goes, your energy flows” is only one theme that caught Patty’s attention: another that was of interest was how he explains the Family’s racist beliefs as a manifestation of some of the members’ fanatical efforts to “save the planet.” The main theme of the book, however, is to liken the murders to an extremely misled but “inevitable” protest against the Viet Nam War. Patty will expand on each of these three points in turn with the understanding that because she and you are different people, you may be more interested in the word for word transcription of footage edited into his two motion pictures. You may also be more interested in all of the conflicts of interest he points out with Bugliosi’s case against Charles (note: Robert does not believe that Charles is innocent, he merely points out the multitude of ways in which he did not receive a fair trial). You may even pick up on something that none of the rest of us will, and if you do, we want to hear about it!

Robert states that he had no problem hanging out with alleged murderers because he’d just spent two years in the US Army "where killing is their whole business.” He believes that the Family felt that they were their own establishment, separate from the establishment that went out and killed thousands of innocents at My Lai. The Family did not feel that they should be held responsible for the political statement they were making in much the same way that neither the US President nor the infantrymen who actually do the killing are held responsible for the murders that they commit. He is very careful to point out to us the numerous times that Viet Nam is mentioned by Family members. He also suggests that the timing of the sensationalized Manson trial in relation to the inquiries going on at the same time was not a coincidence: that the Manson trial was actually used by the establishment as a red herring to distract us from the larger crimes in which we were all implicitly taking part:

“The infamous My Lai Massacre was executed on March 16, 1968 by US soldiers in Viet Nam…the story finally broke on November 12, 1969, just two weeks before the LAPD announced that it had cracked the Tate and La Bianca Murder cases.”

The details that he is able to present are though provoking to say the least.

Thought provoking also was the transcription of his conversation with Paul Crockett, the supposed “deprogrammer” of Paul Watkins and Brooks Poston. Crockett describes the mind as a machine made up of three parts: a moving part, an emotional part and a thinking part. Any of the three areas can be conditioned much like Pavlov’s dogs to elicit a response in any of the other areas. The conditioning can be simple, like the wave of a hand, or more complex and intense. Robert believes that Manson’s main purpose in choking Little Paul to within an inch of his life was to provide him with a near death experience, hence causing him to “die in his mind:”

"Soon I realized that I was gonna die and then I though it was okay if I died anyway…and then he… jumped back and he grinned and said, come on. Come on and make love with me. And uh, that was really kinda like coming into his world for the first time.”

Once a family member had experienced death first hand, it became a large part of their consciousness and opened them up to considering things they might have never done otherwise. Like murder, for instance. Merrick asks Little Paul at one point how Tex and three girls could take on and kill four people? Paul replies that the murders were inevitable, that the occupants of the Tate house had actually been attracting it with their thoughts and actions: Rosemary’s Baby, the rumored whipping party, etc. In an interview with Brenda later on in the book, she echoes this same sentiment.

Brenda also touches on the racism of the family in that conversation when she states,

“People have called us prejudice…we aren’t against anybody, we aren’t against anything. We are for our own. We’d like to see our own kind survive. We love the fair skin, we love the blue eyes. We love it enough to wanna save it.”

Robert further goes on to claim that the reason non-whites were not allowed to have sex with the Family was to help prevent the extinction of “certain endangered peoples.” This is an interesting idea to Patty: people being endangered much like animals (which is what The Family claimed to be: just animals like all the others on the planet, none more important than any other since “we are all one”). Today, those on the extreme left are so hardcore about saving every single subspecies of say, finches, that they are almost reactionary in their efforts to make it so. It is almost as if the political continuum of the Family is a circle, not a line, and the ideologies that they were espousing met on the back side of the circle. In other words, they are sooooo liberal that they are actually conservative. Looking at the Family in this light, Patty now believes that the Manson Family was separatist not because other races were seen as inferior, but rather as desirable due to their diversity: Remember Squeaky telling Paul Krassner that “If John really loved the Japanese people, he would not have married Yoko?” This seems to be what she was getting at.

“So just what is the point of examining an old crime and its designated court case?” Robert muses. “to learn from the memorable ‘understandings’ of a society in order that the purpose of civilization may be advanced.” Patty could not agree more. There is so much more to be said about this book, but Patty is sure that she is boring you by now. She recommends that you find out for yourself, make your own decision. Team up with a friend if the price is too high. Then, let’s all pick it apart together, shall we?