Sunday, June 19, 2011

10066 Cielo Drive: Villa Bella Construction

In 1994, the old house on Cielo Drive was demolished and in its place a mansion named Villa Bella was constructed. Liz recently acquired the following photos of the construction for her readers' information. As most of used to think, the only remnant of 10050 is the telephone pole which Tex scaled to climb the fence on August 9, 1969:

In fact, the address has been changed to 10066 to deter the less determined lookie-loos, of whom there are apparently still many.

Here is a drain that was installed on the approximate spot where Gibby's body was discovered on the front lawn:

The following photos were taken from where the guest house would have stood, looking eastwards toward the main house. The swimming pool that was in between the two was replaced by an "Italian Grotto."

More of the construction in 1994:

If you care to see some quick shots of the exterior and more extended footage shot inside the living room of Cielo in the early nineties, check out Nine Inch Nails' video with Marilyn Manson for "Gave Up" here:

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