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Did Manson Return to Cielo Late on August 9th???

In a previous thread, Starship & I were debating whether or not Charles Manson may have returned to Cielo the night of the murders. My response is too long for the comments, so here it is:

Short of Bruce Davis taking a polygraph when he's paroled and writing a million dollar tell-all book, you can't disprove the theory nor prove it.

You can make anything fit any scenario if you try hard enough. I think the evidence easily supports many scenarios.

My opinion? No, Manson didn't go to Cielo that night...

The first logical question I have to ask is why would Manson put himself at the scene of the crime hours later not knowing if the police were notified of the crimes through reported screams and gunshots - and supposedly, Watson told him it was total chaos. It's a HUGE risk factor - especially when Manson had worked so hard to distance himself from the murders (and I believe the girls were always intended to be the fall guys). There is only one way in and out of the Cielo house. If the cops arrived while Manson had returned to "see what my children had done" he was trapped. Sure, he could run down the hillside, but what about the car left behind - even at the bottom of the cul-de-sac. And, chances are, he would have gotten caught in a foot chase - he's short and short legs get caught.

If the crime scene were at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, busy with people and a gazillion escape routes, maybe, but not at the Cielo house. Even if Manson scouted the opposite side of the canyon on Beverly Grove to see if there was any activity at the Cielo house he was at risk of getting caught--these are basically deserted, just shy of one lane, dark neighborhood roads in the middle of the night. If the cops had been alerted and arrived at Cielo, a car (containing Manson/Davis, Manson/Pitman or which ever version you are thinking of) would have been easily detected from almost any sight access to Cielo and could have been pursued as suspect by the police - especially an old POS Ford  Fairlane in Beverly Hills.

The next logical question I have to ask myself is if Manson returned, why would he cover Jay's head with a towel? According to experts, covering a victims head is done for only a couple of reasons: Avoid identifying the perpetrator, keeping a victim from knowing a location, or the fact that the killer knows his victim and uses a cover to depersonalize the victim. None of those reasons fit Manson (or Davis) covering Jay's head - But, think about who might have one of those reasons and who did cover the LaBianca's heads the next night.

Starship wrote: And, no one ever accused CM that he went up there after the murders. He offered up that info himself...more than a year later too I believe? It is only with that premise in mind that the scene that was found in the daylight makes any sense at all.

I may be wrong here, but I thought Manson admitted going to Cielo in Emmons' book which was years later and a lot of speculation on blog sites. Did he state it in another interview just a year after the murders?

Starship wrote: And the tales the killers tell, which are consistent enough, don't explain it all either.

The biggest problem with this for me has always been that everyone assumes all the killers agreed and testified to the same account. But the reality is that Atkins was the only one (early on) to give a statement of facts (to Bugliosi & the Grand Jury) to what transpired inside the house. Her account then hit the international news.

It wasn't until after the trial and verdicts that Watson spoke his first words about what happened inside the house at his own trial a year later when both Watson and his attorney heard what Atkins testified to, what Kasabian testified to, etc which gave him his diminished capacity defense and an easy series of events to mimic and manipulate for his own sake - same for what he and or his author wrote in his book.

Then there's Krenwinkel who tells her version years later at a parole hearing when she basically takes on the role of Kasabian and then lies every year after until she finally comes "clean" and gives Atkins' statement of events, but at that point, she can hardly remember which victims were where and at times, doesn't even remember the victims names.

Then, you have Kasabian testifying to what happened, but she never entered the house and could only testify to what happened outside for a very brief window of opportunity. AND, the biggest question for me in her testimony is that the blood evidence doesn't support her testimony either - She said Woytek came out onto the porch drenched in blood with Watson stabbing him and hitting him over the head with the gun. He hung onto the post for an extended moment - enough time to look her in the eyes and plea for help before tumbling into the bushes - yet there was no blood evidence of Woytek's collected from the front porch or (for that matter) what would have been his path from the living room leading to the front porch.

So, saying that they all "agreed" on what happened during the commission of the crimes is a non-starter. I think they all (lawyers, writers, etc) just later mimicked what Atkins originally said and used it to their advantage. And we all know how many times Atkins changed her story about what happened inside the house.

Other points Starship made:

The steamer trunks.

IMHO the trunks were stacked in an orderly fashion against the inside wall of the living room and knocked over and into the position they were found during a fight with one of the victims - easy explanation - it's just the way the cookie crumbles. If they'd been ripped open to look for drugs they would have been flat on the ground--and did the killers really take the time to repack Sharon's belongings in them and then set them at an odd angle?

The blood smears on ST body 

Again, in my humble opinion those smear marks on an exposed body could just as easily be consistent with a struggle while she was being stabbed. Her hands, the killers hands, the carpet, etc all causing swirling marks on the skin making it appear that she was moved--and she was, just not by Manson hours later. It could be just as easily explained that Sharon was on her stomach for a  period of time, then pushed back by Atkins to dip the blood in her chest blood. It's as plausible a scenario as dragging Sharon to the front porch and then returning her to the living room.

The killers not wiping anything down but then it's pretty well wiped. 

Actually, it wasn't pretty well wiped because they got 2 fingerprint matches. Any cop will tell you that the odds of lifting a fingerprint from a crime scene are really low even in an un-wiped house. Yet at Cielo they got lucky enough to find two. Chances are, Cielo was never wiped down for prints. Watson realized his mistake (as did Atkins when she told the inmate she left a hand print on the desk at Cielo) and made the effort to wipe down the LaBianca's

The glasses. 

A mystery for all time. But lets remember that hundreds of people were in this house in the time between Sharon & Roman's residence from February through August. Those glasses could have been left in the house at any point by anyone and knocked under a piece of furniture or whatever. Months later they were kicked out during the commission of murders as furniture was bumped, victims scrambling on hands and knees reaching for anything to grasp. Again, just as competent and explanation as Manson/Davis leaving them as a false clue.

Starship wrote: 

The blood map. How accurate is that blood map? We know that Granado did a crappy job at the scene on the blood analysis even from Bugliosi's perspective - he often didn't sub-type or even type at all, missed many blood spots, or made an assumption that a blood spot was the victims' due to vicinity. Sloppy, sloppy work that makes for great (eventual) conspiracies.

I'm not saying absolutely that someone didn't return to that house, I'm just playing the devil's advocate and saying that sometimes evidence can be manipulated into any scenario, one as plausible as the other to suite one theory or another. One thing that we know for sure is that LAPD did a really crappy job of first securing the scene and then processing it, leaving more questions than answers and opening the door to many conspiracy theories.

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Charles Manson's Half Brother

A Friend of the Blog has shared with us an undated photo of Charlie's half brother, Colonel W. Scott Jr.  We were told that Junior had been a coach at a small college in Illinois.  He was born slightly less than a year and a half after Charlie was born.

Do you see any resemblance to Charlie?

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Colonel Walker Scott

A Friend of the Blog was kind enough to share with us the obituary and death certificate of Colonel Scott, Charles Manson's birth father of record.  He also relayed to us a few tidbits related to Colonel.

About 14 months after Charlie was born Colonel and his first wife Dorothy had a son and named him after his father.  On April 19, 1937 the bastardy suit filed by Kathleen Manson in 1936 was settled in Kathleen's favor.  The Colonel was ordered to pay a modest amount child support for Charlie.  In 1940 another son was born to Dorothy and Colonel.

April 17, 1941 Dorothy Scott sued Colonel for divorce and won.  His drinking problems, abusiveness and non support issues were brought up in court.  Dorothy won custody of both boys.

Colonel Scott dies in 1954 of cirrhosis of the liver at age 44. He was survived by his second wife Sylvia and his two sons.

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Larry Bailey

While on hiatus, Detective Eviliz recieved a great recent pic of Little Larry to share.



This is just a preview of all the good stuff to come in 2013.

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The 2013 Official Eviliz Tour Shirt

Last year we printed shirts that we wore on the trip (yes, we're geeks). We received many requests for them but we really hadn't planned on that. This year, you can get one of your own. Presenting:

The 2013 Official Eviliz Tour Shirt.

Black 6.1 oz. 100% cotton Beefy Tee (the good stuff).
California map tour logo and web address imprinted on left chest pocket. 

The Ballad of Brenda McCann


One of Charlie's fiercest, most loyal peons had a song composed in her honor. Miss Nancy Pitman aka Brenda McCann was in the mind of The Shangs when they wrote this haunting, mellow groove. Funny, but when I think of Brenda McCann, I picture a mosh pit blaring National Socialist black metal-type melodies. Enjoy:

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That Charles Manson likes his ZuZu's

How ironic is it that Sara Jane Moore, who attempted to assassinate President Ford 22 days after Squeaky made her attempt, and Charles Manson lived in the same town growing up and frequented the same candy store?  This ought to set the conspiracy theorists atwitter.  I've read a few theories related to Sara Jane and the Family women but none that directly involved Charlie.
Also, the candy man was named Watson!  oo-ee-oo 


Corbin Daily Tribune
Corbin KY
Sept. 25, 1975

Manson, Sara Have Same Hometown

Charleston W.Va (AP) Sara Jane Kahn and Charles Manson bought a lot of candy from Van Watson when they were children.

"Sara Jane was a serious pupil but Manson liked to play a little bit of hooky," says Watson.  Sara Jane, now Sara Jane Moore, is in jail for trying to kill President Ford.  Manson is serving life in prison for the 1969 murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others.  And, one of Manson's followers, Lynette Fromme , also is charged with trying to kill the president, in a separate incident.

"Kathleen Manson, Charles' mother, was a clerk in my store for three or four months," Watson said in an interview Monday.  Charles was about 9 or 10 years old then, around 1942.  He was an ordinary boy, nothing outstanding, I sold him a lot of candy.   He'd come in two or three times a day, whenever he got a penny."

Watson said he was shocked to learn that Sara Jane Kahn was the person accused of shooting at the president.  "I knew her from childhood," he said.  "She came into the store to buy candy on her way to school.  She was a loner- almost always by herself.  She never had much to say about anything.  She always had a couple of books under her arm and seemed to take school seriously."

The Kahn's lived in a big log house up Woodward Dr. from his store and the Manson's lived in a house across the street from his store.  "I was very much surprised the way those two turned out," Watson said.  "Charles wasn't much good at going to school- he liked to play a little bit of hooky.  But I expected Sara Jane to grow up and become somebody with a good education and a responsible position in life.  I never dreamed she would be somebody who'd try to kill the President."

It is not known whether Manson and Sara Jane Kahn knew each other while living here.

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Yana the Witch 2013

A mutual friend of and Linda Kasabian's got in touch with me recently providing me with a few recent pics of Linda to share. Please be kind in the comments so we can keep this mutual friend.

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Eviliz is back

Eviliz is finally mobile again thanks to a neighbor with a back hoe and a wife who is a dirty hoe - but that's a whole other story.

The Blizzard of 2013 shut my whole state of Connecticut down for over a week and we are still digging out.  Unless you live in a cave like Matt I am sure you heard about the Blizzard of 2013.

Three feet of snow in less than 24 hours.  Eviliz prefers her snow like the weather forecast, 8 to 10 inches expected. With nothing better to do since I keep an immaculate home I caught up on some long over due reading.

I am getting ready to draft up a great post about George Spahn's life (pre-Manson) that I just read.  Plus a few other goodies to come in the future book-wise.

I mentioned to Matt that no one writes me anymore. He said it is because I am inaccessible.  Oh I am accessible, ask any man in the tri-county area.  I think it's because the novelty of me wore off and Deb, Matt, Austin Anne and Panamint Patty seem more interesting and exciting than I.  But he could of meant it is because I am not online much.  2012 was one of the worst years of my life.  Shitty things were happening I could not control.  But I am back now bitches!

I do the best I can when I can.  Did that make sense?  Who cares no sense makes sense.  So for 2013 Eviliz promises to be more accessible to her fans, what few are left.

I do enjoy talking to my peeps off the blog so anyone who wants to chat, hit me up.  And to everyone who I used to keep in close contact with drop me an e-mail and I pinky stinky promise to recapture the love and affection we once shared.  Keep all the Q&A's coming too!


For some reason I am not allowed an Eviliz e-mail address.  :(

Santa Susanna Pass Road

Cool video I have never seen before from our friend Lon.  As always Lon thanks so much!!!

Hey Liz
Heres a video of the Old Santa Susanna Pass Rd. route to the ranch that would of been used
by people like Clem. Imagine him behind the wheel of Dennis Wilsons Ferrari reportedly going
a hell of a lot faster than these guys and it ain't hard to then imagine one wrecked 50k car.

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Back to the Barker Ranch

Posted on 15 February 2013 in The Sheet. 

Questions still surround Manson Family hangout

The haunting face of Charles Manson is a tough thing to shake from your memory, even if you"ve only seen it over a television screen. The thought that there may be murders he orchestrated back in his heyday that are unaccounted for is something even harder to digest.

In 2008, the Inyo County Sheriff"s Department and the National Park Service authorized a dig at the Barker Ranch, the hangout where the Manson Family reportedly went following the Tate-LaBianca murder spree of 1969.

The dig was authorized following the request of scientists and now-retired Mammoth Lake Police Sergeant Paul Dostie, whose dog, a black Labrador named Buster, is trained to search for human remains. Buster had alerted on several spots at Barker Ranch, leaving Dostie and others to believe there were human remains buried there. At the time of the dig in May 2008, the government agencies only authorized digging to depths of 3-4 feet. Nothing was found, but the questions on many people"s lips since that time has been, "Did they dig deep enough?" and "Wouldn't someone like Charlie Manson know how deep a body has to be buried?"

Fast forward to 2013.

Debra Tate, sister of the murdered Sharon Tate, has alerted the media about the existence of tapes recorded by attorney Bill Boyd back when members of the Manson Family were being rounded up and charged for the Tate-LaBianca murders. Boyd represented Manson Family member and convicted murdered Charles "Tex" Watson who confessed to the murder of Sharon Tate.

According to an interview with author Tom O'Neill, of which The Sheet has obtained a transcript, Boyd said, "But he [Watson] was — I was impressed — he was extremely candid and he told me about a bunch of other people Manson had killed …"

Boyd clearly stated, however, that Watson did not implicate himself whatsoever in these murders. They were murders that Manson had committed or orchestrated, but Watson was not involved.

Boyd died in 2009, but the tapes remain. There are reportedly 20 hours of tapes. Currently, however, the tapes are tied up in bankruptcy court in Texas. When Boyd passed away, his son was unable to keep the law firm afloat and the firm ended up in bankruptcy. The tapes, being property of the firm, are being held up in this process.

Debra Tate told The Sheet in an interview this week that she had told the Los Angeles District Attorney"s office of the tapes in the spring of 2012.

"The DA did elicit interest from detectives in the LAPD [Los Angeles Police Department] and they were trying to get the tapes from bankruptcy court," Debra said.

The LAPD subpoenaed the tapes and a bankruptcy judge in Texas declared that there was no reason not to give the tapes to the LAPD.

"They were going to get the tapes," Debra said. "And then a federal judge put an injunction on LAPD until he looked at the tapes and reviewed the legalities."

One of those legalities is attorney/client privilege. Plus, Watson is reportedly claiming a fifth amendment violation if the tapes are released.

"He"s saying he would be incriminated if the tapes were released," Dostie explained.

As for the attorney/client privilege claim, both Debra Tate and Dostie said Watson gave this privilege up years ago to sell a book about his escapades with the Manson Family.

"About 14 hours of the tapes were used in the book," Dostie said.

"You can"t release attorney/client privilege and then take it back, which is what Watson wants to do by invoking the fifth," Debra added.

Debra recently decided to release the knowledge of the tapes to the media because she was tired of waiting on the legal system.

"The LA City Attorney should have filed a suit against the federal court [after the federal judge stepped in], but they didn"t do anything for three months," she said. "Apparently they were looking for a bankruptcy attorney but they didn"t need one when the highest bankruptcy court in Texas had already deemed the release of the tapes OK."

Debra closely watches what is happening with the members of the Manson Family still sitting in prison and attends each member"s parole hearings. She feels the release of the tapes would be useful in the implication of those Family members who may not have been involved in her sister"s murder, but could have participated in other murders. The tapes would also be useful in keeping those behind bars right where they are.

One Manson Family member has been released from prison and a second may be on his way out as well.

Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme was released in 2009. Today, the release of Bruce Davis, a Manson Family member, lies within Governor Jerry Brown"s hands after the State"s Board of Parole Hearings approved Davis"s release.

According to, "A judge sentenced Davis, now 70, to life in prison in 1972 for his role in the murders of two men. He was not involved in the infamous Sharon Tate murders.

"After serving more than 40 years in prison, the parole board is recommending that Brown approve Davis" parole. The governor has 30 days to make a decision [which will be up at the end of February]. His options are to affirm, decline, modify or decline to review, which would allow the parole to take effect, an official said."

"These people [Manson Family members] are still communicating and bonded together," Debra said. "They are all still connected to Charlie. It will be business as usual with each individual that is released."

Debra said that she sits approximately six feet from the Manson Family inmates each time they come up for parole.

"Their personas have not changed," she said. "They still show complete sociopathic tendencies. "

"Those tapes could change the climate [regarding parole]," she concluded.

Not first time tapes have surfaced

This isn"t the first time the knowledge of the Watson tapes have been brought to the attention of authorities.

Besides the use of the tapes for Watson"s aforementioned book and Debra"s alert to the authorities last year, Dostie talked about and quoted from the transcript from O"Neill"s interview with Boyd where the tapes are thoroughly discussed, during a presentation to the Inyo Sheriff"s Department and the Death Valley National Park Service in 2011. Dostie made the presentation in an effort to be allowed to dig deeper at the Barker Ranch.

Dostie also contacted Senator Dianne Feinstein"s office about his concerns of bodies buried at the Barker Ranch. Feinstein responded by sending him a letter her office had received from Death Valley National Park following his presentation. In the letter, the Park, under the direction of then-Superintendent Sarah Craighead, stated that after listening to Dostie"s presentation and reviewing additional materials he provided they "found no compelling reasons to re-open the investigation."

The Park Service was assigned to investigate Craighead, who has since been relocated to serve as Superintendent of Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Other than that, nothing else has been done.

"Assigning the Park Service to investigate would be like assigning Frank Nitti to investigate Al Capone," Dostie said.

Buster's been busy

After five years Dostie still believes there are bodies at the Barker Ranch. Why? He and Buster have been traveling the world for the last five years collecting data to prove it.

"We"ve gone around the world and have soil samples from human decomposition sites [that Buster has alerted on]," Dostie said. One of these sites is the mass grave containing more than 40 Marines on Tarawa, which The Sheet wrote about in May 2011 (Casualties of War).

Other sites include soil taken from directly below the remains of murder victims Lynsie Ekelund and Kathryn Barrett.

Dostie also has soil samples from Barker Ranch. All soil analysis was done with a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer, according to Dostie. When put into a chart and compared side by side, the chemistry in the soil of the known gravesites is the same as the chemistry of the soil taken from Barker Ranch.

"Scientifically there is no other explanation than multiple human burials at Barker Ranch," Dostie said. "They didn"t dig deep enough."

Bobby's baby mama

Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you, Miss Kitty Lutesinger in all her red-headed beauty!

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The little hippie or the little idiot?

Why didn't Linda Kasabian run like hell the night of the Tate murders, and call the police? She could of ran past where they parked the car, and knocked on ANY door to call the police. IF she would of done so, the LaBianca's murder would of been prevented. Of course, I know she could not have saved anyone at Cielo, but......well, I know there isn't too much to say about Linda Kasabian anymore, but thought I would bring it up. Tex Watson sure did seem to like her. In his ridiculous, self-serving book he described having a "moment" with Linda. I have never known what to think about her. She fit right in with the Family as soon as she got there, and had no problem participating in lots of anonymous sex with men, and women, partaking in lots of drugs, and stealing. A perfect match, if you ask me. So what do our readers think of Linda?

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And now, for some comic relief.

Farflug writes: "Hey Patty, I created this little attachment since the Manson Family franchise appears to be losing some of their panache. Did they ever view themselves as fodder for ‘Family Guy’ or ‘South Park’? At least the tune is period correct."

Thank you Farf, that was, um, interesting. No?

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Charles Manson, a Hacksaw and a Hot Air Balloon Catalog

In 1982 while at Vacaville Prison Manson  was busted for having a hacksaw and drugs in his cell.  The story as told in "The Family" Sanders 2002 page 503 isn't exactly what the local newspapers were reporting about the incident.

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Poor Pooh given a slice of Vagloaf

While reading the exceptionally interesting case study written by Dr. David E. Smith entitled "A Case Study of the Charles Manson Group Marriage Commune" done in 1968, I found a little tidbit I thought I might share. The interesting tidbit is this: When Mary Brunner gave birth to her son, Valentine Michael aka Pooh Bear aka Sunstone Hawk, she passed on her yeast infection to the poor child. Other than that, the doctor noted that the child was a fairly "healthy youngster." Am I a jerk for posting such a thing? Yeah, probably. Are you going to stop reading this now? Hell No! Are you looking at Eviliz at work? Yes, most likely....Anyway, here you go:

Much has been written about communal living in areas outside the United States and in countries such as Israel, where the Kibbutim have flourished. In these instances, communal practices relative to sexual behavior and child rearing have been described in great detail. America, too, has a long history of communal living, primarily involving religious groups such as the Amish and the Mennonites. Recently, however, through the national media, the dominant culture in the United States has been made aware of a new style of commune which has evolved primarily in America's "hippie subculture." Unfortunately, we know relatively little about this pattern of alternative cooperative living. These "hippie" communes can be categorized into six general types (Crash Pad Type, Drug and Non-Drug Family Type, Drug and Non-Drug Marriage Type, and Self-Contained Rural Type). Staff members of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic spent the summer of 1969 studying the health needs of communes in Northern California and Oregon. It was reported that there were over 200 cooperative living groups in the area alone involving several thousand people. However, beyond superficial description, little study has been made of the characteristics of communes despite the rapidly growing number of people involved in this life style. The purpose of this study is to describe in detail one specific type of commune- the Group Marriage Commune. The common denominators in this type of commune are polygamous sexual practices involving all members of group and cooperative child rearing. Following the preparation of this manuscript, the central figure in this report, Charles Manson, was arrested in connection with the Sharon Tate murders. However, it would be impudent to comment on the murders until Manson's trial has been completed. The "group marriage" is not new, of course, and has been practiced by various societies throughout history. Middle class white American youth participating in a group marriage is relatively new, however, particularly in that it represents a direct affront to the dominant culture's expressed moral code. This paper then, will present a case study of a particular commune of the group marriage type.

Research Methodology

We gathered our data primarily by participant-observation techniques. Both authors worked with commune dwellers at the Haight-Ashbury clinic, and observed a variety of urban and rural communes. In addition, Rose lived in two types of communes, the crash pad type and the group marriage type, with the latter experience being the primary resource for the study. This paper is primarily descriptive with little effort being made to quantitate. Participation in the communes at the time of involvement was not associated with academic observation and only after leaving the communal setting was thought given to description. Structure of the Group Marriage Commune

Most group marriage communes that survive for a long period of time have a "father figure" as the spiritual leader of the group. The group marriage commune under study had a "father figure" (Charles Manson), a 35-year-old white male with a past history of involvement with the law. The age range of these communal dwellers was about 16 to 34, the core group consisted of approximately 20 people, including 14 women. Although there were three people with some college education, including one person having a Master's degree, members disapproved of the whole process of formal institutional education in America. They believed that education was a means of conditioning or "brain washing" a young person with the values and mores of the dominant culture. Manson felt that a person should be "open to change" and willing to accept new values, but insisted that once someone has been indoctrinated by society, his value system became rigid. Approximately 20 members of this commune referred to themselves as a "family," but we have chosen the term "group marriage commune" because of the polygamous sexual relations, but affairs outside the "family" were rarely endorsed. In cases of sexual conflict, Manson made the final judgment as to what constituted acceptable behavior. In addition, there were many "sympathetic cousins" (a term we chose to represent those people who had been greatly influenced by the group marriage communes and who had adopted some of the beliefs, although not living with the "core group"). The "cousins," however, often visited with the family for extended periods of time, although they were all involved in their own "scenes" in other parts of the state.

Brief Description of the Leader

Manson was thirty-five years of age, and had no college education. He was an extroverted, persuasive individual who served as absolute ruler of the group marriage commune. What he sanctioned was approved by the rest of the group, but what he disapproved was forbidden. Tales of Manson's sexual prowess were related to all new members. One of the most popular stories concerned his daily activities before the group moved to the ranch, and while they were being supported by a "wealthy cousin." One popular story often told was that Manson would get up in the morning, make love, eat breakfast, make love, and go back to sleep. He would wake later, and make love, have lunch, make love, and go back to sleep. Waking up later, he would make love, eat dinner, make love, and go back to sleep- only to wake up in the middle of the night wanting to have intercourse again. Such stories, although not validated, helped him maintain his leadership role. Charlie had a persuasive mystical philosophy placing great emphasis on the belief that people did not die and that infant consciousness was the ultimate state. However, Charlie's mysticism often became delusional and he on occasion referred to himself as "God" or "God and the Devil." Charlie could probably be diagnosed as an ambulatory schizophrenic.

Location and Economic Support

The economic level of this commune was low and there was no stable source of income. Money would be brought into the group by new members or through gifts from the "cousins." Gifts of food, money and clothing, also came from friends and acquaintances of the group, although such presents were rare. At the time of our observation, the group lived on a "ranch" which had as its sole means of support money coming from the rental of horses for riding. The group marriage commune worked on the ranch in return for living quarters,. These living quarters were probably illegal, since the buildings had been condemned, but this was of little concern to the group. The group usually awoke at about 7:00 a.m. in order to feed the horses and put them out to pasture before the first riders arrived. They finished breakfast and had the horses saddled by 8:00 a.m. Some people stayed near the office in order to act as guides on the trails while some were prepared to saddle more horses. Others cleaned the stalls and prepared the hay and oats so that the barn would be ready when the horses came back. Some lounged or made love most of the day until dinner time. The group usually gathered after dinner and smoked marijuana while singing or talking. Drug use, however, was primarily recreational and had little to do with the central philosophy of the group. Because they had little money, food procurement was a daily "adventure" (a term used by the group because of the risks involved in getting food). Two or three people would take the ranch truck to the nearby town. Parking behind the grocery store or supermarket they proceeded to rummage through the garbage bins. Meat which had begun to discolor, dented cans of food, open bags of fruit and vegetables, etc., made up the daily meals. The term "adventure" was used because such forays were illegal; a prevalent rumor had it that the stores sprinkled rat poison or lime over the food in an attempt to discourage such procurement methods. Fourteen to twenty people per day were fed two meals, seven days a week. This commune was not a "vegetarian commune" nor was it involved in Eastern religion as were some of the communes previously studied. LSD-induced psychedelic philosophy was not a major motivational force.

Attitudes Toward the Children

One of the most significant characteristics of the communes in general is the return to natural, almost primitive techniques of childbirth and child rearing. This commune was no different. Of the 14 females in the "immediate family," two were pregnant at the time of our observation. Both said that Manson was the father, although there was no way to verify the claim, as the sexual relations in the group were polygamous. It should be noted that Manson was held in such high regard by the girls that all of them wanted to carry his child. One of the pregnant girls gave birth to her son in the group's bus which the family used both as transportation and as a home prior to the ranch location. During the three months of residence in Haight-Ashbury, for example, the group (known then as "Charlie's Girls") used the bus as their primary home. To relax during childbirth the girl smoked marijuana. The group aided in the delivery; no physician or midwife was present. The above birth in the bus was a breech birth with no natal complications. The child was a fairly healthy youngster, although he did have a few allergies and a yeast infection he caught from his mother. The child did not see a physician until about four months after delivery, when he was treated at the Haight-Ashbury Clinic. In general, commune dwellers reject the concept of pre-natal care and well-baby care, as well as birth certificates and immunizations. The mother and the group were against circumcision, but later forced by county health officials to have the operation performed. This occurred after the child was given to foster parents while the mother was being tried for a drug violation (possession of marijuana). It was at this time, also, that the child was given a birth certificate. This latter "injustice" was viewed by the group as the most harmful, as it was felt that this was an example of certification and harassment by society. To have the child numbered and registered with the state by means of a birth certificate is a practice that most commune dwellers reject.  

Sexual Practices and Child Rearing

Since the group had extremely permissive sexual attitudes, the members felt no need for conventional marriage relationships which they considered psychologically destructive. The large number of divorces in the larger society and in their own family backgrounds helped them to rationalize or reinforce this attitude.

The group functioned as "one husband and wife." They took communal responsibility for the children, although the mother cared for the infant during the early natal period with breast feeding. The entire group believed that they gave the child more attention and affection than did most families. The child was always the center of attraction and went everywhere with the group. The child was viewed as the one member of the group to most closely emulate and follow, as he alone was "untainted" by society. Charlie used the words of Jesus, "He who is like the small child shall reap the rewards of heaven," as a guide for the group's child rearing philosophy.

On Becoming a Partner in the Group Marriage Commune  

Entry into this commune was relatively simple. There were no "entrance requirements" other than the willingness to give up one's social "hang-ups" and inhibition about sex, sexual partners, material possessions, and power over people. The latter was considered to be the primary motivation of the establishment or dominant culture. Sexual inhibitions were a major concern of the group. The sexual ethic the group attempted to adopt was at odds with the members' own middle-class backgrounds. Most of the group came from middle-class backgrounds and upon becoming a partner in the group marriage; many found it difficult to adjust to the group's attitude toward sex.

Communal marriage was the modus operandi, and conventional one-to-one relationships were not sanctioned. The females in the group had as their major role the duty of gratifying the males. This was done by cooking for them and sleeping with them. Any member of the group could sleep with any other member as long as the partners did not get so involved with each other that they would not (or did not want to) sleep with anyone else.

Manson set himself up as the "initiator of new females" into the commune. He would spend most of their first day making love to them, as he wanted to see if they were just on a "sex trip" (a term used by the group to label someone there only for sexual gratification), or whether they were seriously interested in joining the group. Manson would spend a great deal of time talking with them and finding out, as he put it, "where their heads were at." An unwillingness, for example, to engage in mutual oral-genital contact was cause for immediate expulsion, for Charlie felt that this was one of the most important indications as to whether or not the girl would be willing to give up her sexual inhibitions.

Middle-class standards of sex behavior were rejected by the group. Most of the group had refuted the financial and materialistic orientation of their families with relative ease. The sexual orientation was more difficult. Homosexual activity, though not stigmatized, was minimal. Charlie felt that getting rid of sexual inhibitions would free people of most of their inhibitions and problems.

Divorce From the Group Marriage Commune

Should the group discover that a partner was not ridding himself of inhibitions fast enough, pressure would be applied. This pressure would take various forms. One of the most popular was the refusal of the other group members to have intercourse with that individual. Another approach would be the "long talk" method. This technique would involve two or three partners in the commune approaching the individual in question and asking "Why are you here? What do you want from us? If we asked you to hitch-hike to New York and stay there awhile, would you do it?" If the answer to the last question was yes, and the individual still did not go, he would usually be asked to leave and stay away until he went through sufficient "changes." People usually left "involuntarily" at the insistence of the family or group because the group felt that the individual was 1)just there for sexual reasons (on a sex trip), or 2)failed to conform to the standards of the group as established by Manson.

Discussion and Summary

A descriptive study such as this about a group marriage commune leaves a great many questions unanswered. It is apparent that many of the activities of the group would be labeled deviant by America's dominant culture, but deviance itself is a culturally defined attitude and it is more meaningful to describe such behavior as either constructive or destructive.

In health terms, a great deal of the behavior in group marriage commune is destructive. Communicable diseases ranging from upper respiratory problems to gonorrhea are rampant. Hepatitis and food poisoning also occur with great frequency. Drug abuse, however, does not seem to be a major health problem, although the use of illegal drugs by commune members seems to attract a great deal of attention in the popular press.

Relative to psychosocial issues, analysis becomes much more difficult. Childbirth and communal child rearing seem to be handled fairly well as long as the group stays together, but substantial problems develop for both mother and child if they must leave the commune. Little is know of the long term consequences of such communal child rearing.

The final and most interesting questions relate to why this alternative communal life style holds such an attraction for thousands of adolescents and young adults. Why, for example, were these young girls so attracted and captivated by a disturbed person such as Manson? What is happening within the framework of the dominant culture and its monogamous, nuclear family units, that so many youths must feel compelled not simply to rebel but totally reject traditional life styles?

*This research was conducted 15 months prior to the highly publicized "Sharon Tate murder." The authors take no position or have no information relative to the involvement of this commune in this violent crime.

**Assistant Clinical Professor of Toxicology, U.C. Medical Center, San Francisco and Medical Director, Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic.

***Research Associate, Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic.

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Hangin' on the corner of 52nd. and Broadway
cars passin' by but none of them seem to be goin' my way
New York City well I wish I was on a highway
back to Olympia...

How many times will it take me
before I go crazy
before I lose everything
something burning deep inside of me


Our wonderful sexy friends at have updated their site with some kick ass pictures you and I have never seen before.   Go check them out.  Click on media-then photo archive.  Enjoy!!

Bobby's Bowie knife and sheath

Rosemary LaBianca

Shirt worn by Tex the night of the Tate murders

Pictures used with permission from

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Manson Marionettes

Hellzbelz sends us this photo from a 1960's art exhibit in Germany. In this case are marionettes,
many of whom are the Manson Family. I recognize at least 6 of them. Timothy Leary, too.

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Presenting: Manson in Wax!

Here, for you viewing pleasure, I bring you "Manson in Wax!" As far as the last picture is concerned, I didn't realize Manson ever had cute, little "Betty Page" bangs, and green, sparkling eyes. Shall we critique?

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Sharon and Bruce Lee

Thanks to William Marshall for the pics!

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More Sharon

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Portion of Tex Tapes revealed

Bill Boyd's voice is heard saying that Watson told him that Manson killed more peorple. Tom O'Neill is revealed as the person recording Bill Boyd on the video.

Thanks to Stacey... again

Lawyer reportedly claims in decades-old tape Charles Manson may have murdered more
Published February 05, 2013

A attorney for one of the members of the notorious Manson family said decades ago the group's leader Charles Manson committed more murders, according to a report. reports Bill Boyd, who represented Manson family member and convicted murderer Charles "Tex" Watson, said Watson told him Manson had committed other murders besides the 1969 killings of actress Sharon Tate and six others.

"He told me about a bunch of other people Manson had killed," Boyd said of Watson.

Boyd reportedly made the comments in an interview with an author about the murders, and  recently received an audiotape of the interview.

Boyd also says on the tape Watson did not implicate himself, saying the murders Watson allegedly spoke of were unrelated to the ones Watson was involved in.

Boyd, who died in 2009, said he had over 20 hours of recordings of interviews with Watson. reports the LAPD is now seeking to get the tapes, which are tied up in Texas bankruptcy court.

The news comes as California's governor has been asked to make the final decision on whether a former Manson follower will be released on parole after serving more than 40 years in prison.

The state's Board of Parole Hearings submitted to Gov. Jerry Brown its recommendation that Bruce Davis is suitable for parole. The documents were submitted Friday, one day ahead of the deadline, according to California Department of Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton.

The governor has up to 30 days to make a decision. His options are to affirm, decline, modify or decline to review, which would allow the parole to take effect, Thornton said.

Davis, now 70, was convicted with cult leader Manson and another man in the killings of a musician and a stuntman, which happened after the most notorious of the family's crimes.

Manson and three of his followers, Leslie Van Houten, Patricia Krenwinkel and Watson, remain in prison for life in the Tate killings. Their co-defendant, Susan Atkins, died of cancer behind bars in 2009.

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Debra Tate on KFI AM Los Angeles discussing Tex Tapes and Bruce Davis


Moments ago on KFI AM Los Angeles...

Debra Tate joined John & Ken on afternoon drive radio. Discussed was Bruce Davis who was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of Gary Hinman and Shorty Shea. Because of good behavior, the parole board decided he should go free. Gov. Davis has 30 days to decide.

Tate said Davis is lesser known... much smaller than the others. He cut himself from the herd so to speak." (by getting himself tried separately). She says Davis is an equal to Charlie, he was a shot-caller whereas Tex was more of a follower. This man (Davis) she said is devious. The murders he participated in were heinous. He prolonged the death of his victims. She said she cannot say what he instructed people to do because it's hearsay. He did have the opportunity to stop things sooner and chose not to. There are other murders that took place that were mentioned by Tex Watson (on tape).

These tapes are being hung up in courts but will be heard very soon.
  • He (Tex) released the attorney-client privilege many years ago. Bankruptcy court released the tapes to the LAPD.
  • Davis is a scam. He passes himself as a minister. This is a story he sold to the parole board.
  • There are details that Mr. Davis should have reported to authorities that could have closed cases. But he did not.
  • He should have reported other Manson followers that participated in murder of Shorty Shea.
  • People have to remember that this was a religious cult to begin with. Mr. Davis has spent his years getting degrees in theology.
  • The guy is a psychopath and you don't stop once in prison.
  • They (incarcerated family members) have cell phones. They still talk to each other. They are hooked up with the Aryan Brotherhood. They see Charlie as an icon. If Davis is released, she expects more killings in LA.
Conservative radio guys: Gov. Brown lived during the Manson insanity. He was there. He was part of the hippie culture too. What is his sensibility?

Debra: I don't think it's part of today's agenda. I've tried to make people aware of other murders. People just don't care. Im tired of the battle cry of public safety. They won 't let people do their jobs that could uncover the other murders.

Attorney says Charles Manson committed more murders

This story is currently running on MyFoxLA's website
Note what it says near the bottom.

Outrage: Manson Family Murderer May Go Free
Jan 31, 2013 6:00 p.m.

One of the notorious Manson family murderers may go free any day now -- and that is sending outrage through the victims' families.

The fate of Bruce Davis, convicted of two murders masterminded by Charles Manson, may rest in the hands of Governor Brown.

A parole board has recommended the release of Davis, who's spent 40 years behind bars, Fox 11 investigative producer Heidi Cuda reports. A spokesman for Brown says they are reviewing the parole board's recommendation and have about a month to either approve or reject the decision.

Family of those murdered by Davis say he's a sociopath who is right where he needs to be.

On Monday, in a Fox 11 exclusive, you'll hear an audio tape for the first time from a Manson family attorney who says Charles Manson committed more murders -- murders that he's never been tried for and that might implicate other family members.

Whether or not that tape could affect the outcome of Davis' parole remains to be seen.

Sent by Stacey (Eviliz's LA Correspondant)

Some older pics of Sharon

Above- Debra Tate

                                    Sharon and Doris celebrating Christmas year unknown

Sharon and Dad