Monday, February 24, 2014

Desert Sun

Desert Sun was a band formed by Shoshone - Tecopa residents Paul Watkins and Brooks Ramsey Poston in the early 1970s with the help of other local musicians.

The blond guy seated in front of Brooks is Clinton Crable, who died in 2003.

Ever wondered who the curly haired guy is? It's actually Paul's brother, John. John is a very well known Topanga musician.

Paul Crockett was desert Sun's manager. 

When Desert Sun split up and Paul Watkins went to work in the mines of Tecopa, he staked out his own mining claims, divorced, remarried, raised a family, wrote a book on Manson and headed up the first meetings of the Chamber of Commerce.

Brooks Poston & Jane Boltinhouse followed their guru, Paul Crockett to Northern Washington State. There Brooks & Jane continued as 'Northern Lights' performing a number of Desert Sun's original songs. Poston and Boltinhouse remain in WA. Paul Crockett Passed January 10, 2014.

A recent Jane Boltinhouse pic