Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nancy Pitman

Nancy Pitman (2011)

Charlie's Chief Assassin with AB toddler (around 1980)

Shorty Shea Murdered

I was reading about the day Shorty Shea was murdered.  August 26, 1969.  I read that Charlie,Clem,Tex,Bruce,Shorty plus Bill Vance and Little Larry were all in the car when Shorty was driven to his death.  Did anyone else ever hear Bill and Larry were present?  That would make them accessories to Shorty's murder.  Mr. Poirot and I were discussing this earlier.  Mr. P told me Charlie did say there were other people in the car that night but he didn't name names.  Was it the 59' Ford they drove that day?  The murder mobile. I bet Shorty knew it was a set up and he only had moments to live. 
Someone I can't remember who recently asked me what happened to Shorty's matching guns. I found the answer. Shorty was known to pawn his guns for some extra cash but he always retrieved them on a buy back from the pawn shop.  Somehow Bruce ended up with the pawn ticket for Shorty's guns.  Bruce then gave the ticket to Danny DeCarlo.  
Bruce claimed he did not participate in disposing of Shea's body nor did he know where Shorty was buried.  Clem said that he alone buried the body. 
Approximately four months later on December 9th, 1969 Shea's 1962 Mercury was found parked on a side street.  
I was unable to find the location where they found his car.  Inside the car were Shorty's blood stained boots and his footlocker filled with his possessions.  
Surprise, surprise a palm print belonging to Bruce was found on the footlocker. I think Bruce like the rest of the Family, ever the scavenger riffled through Shorty's footlocker and that is where he got the pawn ticket for Shorty's guns.  It is funny how Bruce was at almost every murder/suicide except for Tate/LaBianca.
Where was Bruce on August 9th and 10th?