Monday, November 23, 2020

Paul Watkins Homestead

We looked for this house for several years and finally found it! This is the ruins of "Little" Paul Watkins homestead. Paul was Charles Manson's second in command. Paul was attractive and would entice girls to join the Manson Family. Paul was basically a hippy and did not take part in any of the murders committed by the family. He was a good kid who left the family when he realized the bad things that Charles Manson was into. He settled down in the small town of Tecopa, Ca. He was very popular around the Death Valley area and even became the "Honorary Mayer of Death Valley. Paul also served as a midwife and delivered several children here in Tecopa. His home sits on Bureau of Land Mgmt land. After his death the Bureau of Land MGMT bulldozed half of the home so that no one else would move in.