Tuesday, June 11, 2013

James Franco set for hair stylist biopic

Article by Catherine Shoard for guardiannews.com

Franco is to star and direct Beautiful People, a biopic about Hollywood celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring who was murdered by a member of the Charles Manson cult.

Hairy tales in Hollywood today as it emerges that James Franco is set to direct and star in a film about a visionary hair stylist, while a real-life tress-dresser on the new Superman movie is suing Warner Bros.

Franco's film is Beautiful People, a biopic of Jay Sebring, who tousled the barnets and more besides of multiple celebrities in the 1960s before being murdered – along with sometime girlfriend Sharon Tate – by the cult led by Charles Manson.

Franco is currently in Park City for the Sundance film festival, where he's promoting three projects: Interior. Leather Bar, which he co-directed, Kink, a fetish documentary which he produced, and the biopic Lovelace, in which he costars.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Pickenback is suing producers on Man of Steel for injuries allegedly received on set. Pickenback, a professional movie coiffeur, says she was instructed to walk across an Illinois set that was made to appear like rubble to attend to an actor's hair between takes. "Severe and permanent" injuries apparently resulted from a fall she sustained on the "fractured and uneven walking surface".

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