Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bugliosi Talks Manson

Bugliosi will be onstage at The Company Theatre in Norwell, Mass. at 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 8. He will discuss that event, the writing of his book and the inner workings of Manson. The talk will conclude with a question-and-answer period with the audience.
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Tickets are $33

Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures

The Travel Channel launches their new season of Ghost Adventures with a visit to Cielo Drive.  That area of Benedict Canyon is said to possess a geomagnetic anomaly conducive to the spirit world.  Yawn.  You may sense that I'm not a believer!  I'm guessing this show will either be marginally entertaining, not in the way intended to, or it will make you cringe at the lengths people will go to to make a buck.

The venerable Robin Leach contributes THIS error ridden article to the Las Vegas Sun announcing the series premier.  The show airs at 9 PM tonight, Saturday February 15th with Zak Bagans and his cohosts Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin.