Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kenneth "Curly" Como-escape artist

Como's cell bars after he was smuggled in a piece of carborundum string used by jewlers. 
Carborundum is a very hard substance composed of silicon carbide.  One of the girls smuggled it inside the prison while visiting Como.
Como passed away in September of 2004.

kenneth como

Gypsy and Ken

Interesting articles about Gypsy and Como.

pic from 2006- ole Clem on the right

Who's the babydaddy?

Cappy, Gypsy and Clem-not sure who the girl is all the way on the right. I'm sure one of you will know. The baby in this picture is Gypsy's. I heard that Clem is the father.

Steve Grogan-Clem a.k.a. Scramblehead a.k.a. Adam Gabriel