Friday, September 9, 2011

Shopping Anyone?

We are all about free advertising.
Hello! I wanted to reach out to you to let you know we just launched a campaign to raise money to release a record of unreleased Charles Manson music! We have access to 90 minutes of never before heard music, we just need to raise a little money to make it happen, so we're selling copies of the vinyl and other various prizes on this website,check it out, post it, forward it to other friends and tell them to repost it, please help spread the word so we can make this happen! Thanks so much!


End of Summer Pool Party Raffle

Pool at Myers Ranch

Pool at Barker Ranch

As the end of summer has arrived we here at Eviliz are holding a raffle to win THE ultimate "First Annual Eviliz Nude End of Summer Pool Party." All expenses paid for by us. Well, as long as Matt has not run his hands through the petty cash drawer again.

Eviiz Inc. will be providing all the necessary fixins for a kick ass party. A few kegs of beer, some cheap boxed wine, weed, LSD, hot dogs, hamburgers and of course for our vegan friends, veggie burgers.

Yes you may bring your significant others, children, immediate family, friends and dogs.
Bring an instrument so we can all jam out around the fire at night. Patty and Eviliz have invested in mandolin lessons for the occasion. We also ask that everyone bring one blunt wrap, and one side dish or dessert.

There can only be one winner but almost everyone from the blog is invited. Watch your snail mail for the invitation. If you don't receive your invite by September 16th, it means we don't like you, but tolerate your presence.

The winner will be given the choice of two locations for the shindig. Barker Ranch or Myers Ranch.
Remember it is a nude pool party. Ken our paparazzi will be trying out his newest digital camera. Which means, photos will be taken. Make sure your "downstairs" is in picture taking order.
And as always, there is a catch.

The catch- You must bring one Manson Family member with you as a guest. Oh, and if you choose Myers Ranch as the location and Cappy as your guest, leave your Grandma at home. I am not sure which Family member I will be bringing yet. Tentatively Clem, if he is not busy playing a gig somewhere. LOL. Which Family member will you be bringing?

Guerneville, CA: In Search of James Willett (Part 5)

Above: headstone of James Willett's parents in Bardstown, Kentucky

Readers: we are coming to the end of our exploration of the murder of James Willett in Guerneville. We saw where his body may have been found, and where it was initially taken to be identified and prepared for burial. James Willett is most certainly dead. Today, however, he lives on in the person of Heidi, who we understand reads the blogs. We wish her the best. This last article pulled from the Press Democrat deals with what became of Heidi when she was not yet a year old:


STOCKTON, Calif. (UPI) - The tiny daughter of a nomadic young couple gunned down after joining a group of ex-cons and "Manson girls" has been claimed by her grandparents in XXXX.

George XXXX of XXXX, Conn., a general foreman at a plant in New Haven, and his wife, Vera, said Wednesday they would fly here later this week to take custody of eight-month-old Heidi Willett.

The youngster was found Sunday in a house where police discovered the body of her mother, Lauren Olmstead Willett, 19, in the basement and arrested two men and three women for her murder.

The child's father, Marine combat veteran James T. Willett, 26, was shot to death a month ago and buried near the town of Guerneville, 100 miles northewst of here.

Willett's father, distillery president A. Thompson Willett of Bardstown, Ky., sad he and his wife discussed their grand-daughter's future with Lauren's parents and decided the Connecticut couple should adopt her because they had a smaller family.

Willett said his son's lifestyle bordered on "being a hippie," while his daughter-in-law, whom he met once, was a "quiet" girl who ran away from home in a dispute over continuing in school.

Authorities said Mrs. Willett and her daughter apparetly accompanied the three men charged with her husband's death to Stockton after his slaying. They all lived here in a two-bedroom home with three girls invlved in the cult of mass murderer Charles Manson.

And that, dear readers is the end of our story: an oft-overlooked chapter in the history of The Family that is obscure enough by now that today's editor of the Press Democrat for Guerneville was informed of the incident by doing a standard internet search on her town and stumbling upon earlier this week. James, you are gone, but you are not forgotten. Not here, not on our watch.

Eviliz replaced some names and addresses with "XXXX", out of respect that no one will bother the family of Lauren. If you remember, Heidi did contact us and post in the comments awhile back. She told us she is doing very well in life. We here wish her nothing but the best.

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