Monday, August 31, 2015

Conjugal snuggling.....

Inmate Conjugal visitations or family visitation.... What do y'all think?

Do the majority of our readers side with the inmates on this issue, meaning, is it acceptable for killers, rapists, child molesters, etc. to have overnight visits, including "snuggle time" to their spouses/families while incarcerated?

What about Susan Atkins? Was it okay for her to be able to provocatively pose in the "family units" trailer before being pounded by her mulleted husband?

What about Leslie Van Houten? She seems to be everyone's darling. When she briefly married (and got access to a penis sandwich) was it okay? What about her family outing, so to speak with her parents?

What about mustachioed Tex? He fathered four unfortunate children in the last 35 years. He also got to have camp outs with his parents & siblings. They all did.

Manson, of course, is a different story. They basically locked him up & threw away the key. All & all, I find it deeply disturbing and you can probably guess that I respectfully disagree that they should ever bring it back.

I can completely understand why Mrs. Doris Tate had such a problem with it. Her daughter's killers were able to enjoy small moments of normalcy, and experience earthly pleasures while Sharon and the other victims' lives were over long ago. I couldn't imagine how painful it was to know that. So, should these kinds of inmates have this privilege given back to them, or should they leave it alone? Do you think it was okay for these visits to take place at all?

For this discussion, I am particularly interested in what our readers think about Tex, Leslie, Pat, Bobby and Bruce to have conjugal visits again, if, of course, they married? I know Pat has never had a so-called "conjugal" visit, but she did have access to the family living units with her own family.

By the way, I respect most everyone's opinion on these matters, so I hope you respect mine. I know I annoy a hell of a lot of people on the blog, because I sound like such a hard-ass when it comes to the Manson Family, but that's just how I am. That's how I was raised. I'm Austin Ann, the blogger everyone loves to hate!