Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nug Magazine? Really?

San Diego, CA, June 08, 2011 –(– The feature story for the June 2011 NUG Magazine is entitled "Charles Manson and ATWA." In an exclusive interview, freelance writers Kelly & Crystal Hutchinson were able to obtain some insight from Charles Manson, along with friends Gray Wolf and Star, on his music, ATWA, and the Savior Project.

In January of 2011, Charles Manson published a 12-page ATWA booklet that includes his life experiences in his own words, the role of ATWA, and the Savior Project.

The booklet describes:
"The Savior or Savior Project is an idea of Charles Manson’s for a seed gun: a gun that anyone/everyone can use to quickly and effectively plant seeds over a vast area. Currently, the project is developing functional loads and proper seed/compost mixtures to be used universally in common paintball guns. Mr. Manson has expanded the invention to include M-80 block guns converted to seed loads, seed-mortars, seed-bombs dropped by helicopter, seed artillery, etc."

The interview was compiled by questions answered via email, postal mail, and by phone conversation between Charles Manson and Gray Wolf.

About: NUG Magazine is San Diego’s Original Cannabis & Culture Publication. The print version is distributed monthly free of charge all over San Diego County, as well as through a paid subscription service to readers all over the world. The increasingly popular digital version can be found online at

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