Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Sandy met Charlie

 In keeping with the murder theory post Patty touched on, I wanted to share a quote from an article sent to me by a group of our German members.  
This is the only time I personally ever heard Sandy speak of her first meeting with Charlie, besides the story she was with friends who's vehicle had broken down.  One of the friends mentioned he knew a mechanic buddy of his that was chillin at Spahn Ranch and perhaps the friend could fix the vehicle.  They stopped at the ranch, Sandy met Charlie and his bitches, removed her jewelry and makeup, and the rest is Manson history.  I wonder if that vehicle ever did get fixed.  The link can be translated into spotty English.  How you perceive it as usual is open to friendly discussion.

"When I first saw him he was stroking a cat.  I don't know what fascinated me.  He seemed so kind and attractive, his movements were a bit mysterious."  Sandra Pugh.

To my German friends, please e-mail me I lost your address.