Monday, November 14, 2011


Above- The Watson home in Nevada, Texas

The Watson families now defunct general store in Nevada, Texas

The United Methodist Church the Watson's attend in Copeville, Texas

photos from

I sold wigs with Tex

"The Manson Girls" Movie

Eviliz has kept in sporadic contact with Susanna Lo since the February interview. I personally have been meaning to e-mail her with a few questions of my own. If you have questions for her your, post them here in the comments and I will ask her for another interview.

Shoshone, CA

The Grump from Pahrump writes:

From page 242 of little Paul's book

"I worked with Brooks and Crockett doing town maintenance for the Charles Brown Company; we worked our asses off; did everything-trimmed trees, painted buildings, laid concrete, dug ditches, pumped cesspools."

As you can see, it looks like the company still exists.

Also on page 242

"In late November we moved out of the cave and rented a house on the main highway across the street from the high-school football field."

There are 3 old small houses across from said field. 2 old(er) locals at the General Store insist that it was this house (The one I took the picture of)

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