Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    While visiting the Grump's  place to check it out as a potential safe house, he and i started  talking about ideas for the blog. 
Some people do like to purchase Manson related stuff.
From posters to t-shirts and artwork.  If you have any links or addresses on where to find M stuff
e-mail it to EviLiz

Anybody have any other suggestions e-mail them to me.

Whatcha have?

Does anybody happen to have any artwork/craft work by any of the Family members they would like to share? Maybe one of Tex's wooden pull toys OR even better- a Charlie spider or scorpion?

Gold Tiger Eye Braclet & Ring
tiger's eye bracelet and ring by Sadie

T- Shirt

This was recommend to me for the "Heres Charlie" shirt.  I briefly looked around the site and did not see anything else Manson related.  There might be more, I just didn't look around much.

serial killer calendar link

Serial Killer Calendar site is alot more that just calendars.  It seems you can get any serial killers face or Charlie's face pretty much on anything.  Wall clocks, mugs and steins even bbq aprons. 
Tons of videos as well.

manson girls movie

Interview with John McFee and Guy Allison of The Doobie Brothers and Manson Girls.

The Snuff Flicks buried in Death Valley

Weird.  They are making a movie on the mysterious death of Bobby Fuller.  He was the guy that wrote
"I fought the law". Very tragic the way he died.

For some reason they are throwing Charlie in the mix along with the missing snuff movies supposedly buried in Death Valley.  The snuff stuff might "hold the secret to Fuller's death."  I copied a couple of paragraphs for you below.
The Colonel is going to be on a rant.

it looks like James Marsden isn’t ready to just get sucked into the vacuum of generic films quite yet. Deadline reports that the actor will be playing famous cult leader (and decent musician) Charles Manson in The Dead Circus. The movie, written by Adam Davenport and John Kaye (who also wrote the novel), fictionalizes the very real and very mysterious death of singer Bobby Fuller, throwing in the Manson family as part of the conspiracy for giggles. 

With the help of a former Manson Family member who’s trying to put her past behind her, he finds out that the mystery of Fuller’s death may be solvable if he can find a series of snuff films the Family shot back in the 60′s, which have been buried in Death Valley, California

The Dead Circus is currently seeking financing with eyes on starting production this summer in Los Angeles.