Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Alisa's Statement - 3-7-12

"Before I can comment there are several things I need to investigate. First, I've been told that while the site is obviously approved by Debbie it may run by Robin Olsen--who has been stalking me on the various blogs (under an assumed name) making accusatory and rude comments (most, thankfully deleted by the hosts) about the book that ring very close to what's posted on Debbie's site. Yesterday morning, just before this statement was released, Olsen made threatening and disturbing phone calls to family members that Brie and I are close to, asserting, amongst numerous other things, "I'm a writer too, you know"--and I think that comment alone speaks volumes. Obviously, Olsen is a very disturbed woman. So, at this point, while I'm quite certain that Debbie would not approve of any book she didn't write, I'm not sure who actually wrote this press release or if Debbie has even read Restless Souls. Secondly, Restless Souls was extensively vetted by HarperCollins' legal department (9 months total), this is not just an attack on Brie and I but an attack on HarperCollins integrity as a publisher so I need to wait to hear what they will allow or not allow me to comment on at this time...I can tell you all this, I will not turn this into an unsubstantiated defiling circus and thus degrade the integrity of Restless Souls...More to come."