Monday, August 13, 2012

Sharon Tate for sale

By DAVID MOORE - The Arab Tribune November 17, 2010
Sharon Tate, starting as a young girl would write letters to her Grandmother, "Nannie."

"The family archivist, Nannie kept all sorts of memorabilia including numerous letters from Sharon and clippings and magazines she later sent about her rising screen career."

"It was something Nannie wanted to "leave me." Sharon's second cousin Kelly Denson who was not even born when her famous cousin was murdered, inherited the box. Fascinated by her inheritance, she immediately began pouring over Tate's correspondence which started when she was a young girl and continued into her acting career."

Denson spoke about Sharon saying, "Not a day goes by that I do not think about her. Sometimes she's like my guardian angel. I even dream about her", said Denson.

As her own fate and life led Denson here and yonder, she carried her treasure trove of love with her, a large box of items that reflected a side of Sharon Tate, that while she was well-liked, few people would have suspected or imagined."

"Four years ago she brought the box with her from Fort Payne to Arab after she married Eric Denson now serving in Iraq. While she may have maintained a spiritual type of closeness to Tate, her physical closeness to the documents and items she inherited drifted. The box containing the Tate trove found it's way into a storage unit until after Denson moved. Eric cleaned out the unit and stored the Tate box in his grandmothers vacant house. When Denson realized where the Tate trove was she became alarmed."

"I said, "Baby you have to go get it. There could be rats out there." Deneson decided it was probably time to sell it.' So she could share it with everybody. "It's been 40 years now...

What do you think? Was Denson greedy or does she really want to "share it" as she claims.
I would thing "sharing" in this situation means putting them some where so others can view them for free. Share does not mean "selling." But that's just me. I know we are in a recession, maybe cousin needs a couple of bucks, but damn.

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The above photo is a Christmas card from 1950 Sharon sent to her Nannie accompanied by a letter and a hand made trinket no doubt a Christmas present. For the small sum of $12,000.00 you can own them. Here is the link:

For shits and giggles while I was there I put Charlie's name in the search button. I also found several signed letters for auction over priced like Sharon's items.

You can own the drawing below titled "Pink Side" for only $5,500