Sunday, February 3, 2013

CNN Monday Night

TIP from a friend of the blog - Tune in this Monday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time to CNN.
There will be someone on to discuss Bruce and his possible release. 

Also there are some who think Bruce has to serve two years in a federal prison before being released. He doesn't, he would be released in about a week after Governor makes decision. 

Oh and don't expect a quick decision it will be about the full 30 days once it hits Governor's desk. It won't be a quick decision.

Eric Monfort Update

Q: What happened to Nancy's eldest after he was arrested for theft, delivery of heroin and posession of a firearm last January?

A: He entered the Oregon State Penitentiary on May 15 of 2012. He will be eligible for parole on March 3 of 2014.

Best wishes, dude. It's never too late to change.