Monday, January 31, 2011

then and now


Pics from Pat's hearing



Barker Ranch is in the very bottom left hand corner.  The teeny tiny gray spot.

Thanks to PanamintPatty my new BFF for the pic

BARKER RANCH before and sadly, after the fire

 Barker Ranch
Sandy believes the fire was set on purpose.  The last time-  pre fire they we're all up at Barkers, (Sandy, George and Elf) Sandy noticed the guest book and a few other things had gone missing.

Thanks to anoymous

thanks to Panamint Patty.

Thanks to Panamint Patty for these. (2009)

1. toilet and tub

2. old aluminum "ever made" ad turned into a chicken coop.

3.Restroom signs seem strangely out of place.

4. Old piece of broken off Cal-art pottery built right into the north end of the west wall.

BARKER RANCH's new roof before the fire

George, Sandy and  "Elf" ( Cappy's ) son we're in the process of restoring Barkers since the summer before, when the fire wiped it out.  Notice the new roof they had just installed.   

Thanks to anonymous.

                     The creek at Barker Ranch

From anonymous

A.T.W.A ~yeah!!!!!!!

Garbage dump,oh garbage dump..................
This is NOT the dumps located right behind

the ranch (where the H.S. truck is).
It is really close though, and hard to find.

Thanks to The Grump from Pahrump for these.