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 "Ansom 13"
Date Un-known 

In Search of TJ

T.J's Marine Photo

Patty likes to take note of places that are mentioned in the Manson mythology so that she can later go back and photograph them for posterity. One piece of information she found very interesting was an email supposedly written by TJ's sister in law "Cyn" to the administrator of a popular HTLBS site that you are all familiar with.
In the email Cyn wrote about TJ's funeral arrangements that half of his ashes were spread in the desert and "the other half of Tom's ashes were brought to Tom's family in Reno, NV where we had a second memorial ceremony for him. His ashes are interred in the Veteran's Memorial Cemetary in Fernley, NV. He is interred next to my husband John, his mother Marie and his father, John Sr." Patty was in Fernley recently and took the lead photo of the cemetery but could not find his headstone. Being the big chicken that she is, Patty got Liz to call the cemetery's administrator. We have TJ's date of birth, date of death, rank, active duty dates and serial number. They say he is not buried there. So either he is not buried there, or they do not release info about celebrities and/or supposed "FBI informants."

Cyn also wrote: "Tom and Lori did marry and had 3 children: Aslan, Light and Rivers...Tom has two other children by his first wife, Rainbow or Bo as we called her. They had two daughters: Yana Mani and Domani." has confirmed that two of these names are spelled incorrectly and Cyn has left out mention of a sixth child alltogether. What's up with that?

You may also remember that some time ago, The Pattys spent the good part of an entire day and $100 in gas driving up and down the 395 looking for the crash site with a grainy photo from Bill Nelson's book in hand. There are some good landmarks in these photos: in one, a house with a fence and a telephone pole amidst a clump of trees on one side of the road. In the other, a distinctive, long, sloping butte in the distance on the other side. In Taming the Beast p. 142, it says that the fatal curve in the road was in Kern County. Never could find a spot that even remotely resembled the photos even though we doubled back to get both perspectives.
Things that make you go, "Hmmmmm."

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Read Something: Christopher Jones

Patty streamed "Wild in the Streets" with Christopher Jones, Shelly Winters and Richard Pryor last night which got her to Googling. You may recall that Chris was a close friend of Sharon Tate's and is even rumored to have had an affair with her while she was pregnant. Devastated by her death, he dropped out of the limelight in the early 70's to become a painter. The biography available at gives a lot more detail about the impact of the crimes on his life including the following statement:

"He'd moved into his manager's guest house on the property where the Tate killings had occurred in Benedict Canyon. Chris, still very upset over Sharon's death, watched unbelieving as the owner's guests were shown blood stained carpets and repeated grizzly stories over and over."

Now, that's messed up.

If you have never seen "Wild in the Streets," maybe you should. It's excellent background research for what the mood was in our country during the time The Family was active, when 52% of the US population was under age 25. There are some excellent shots of the Haight and the Strip if you watch closely. Be warned though, the lyrics to "14 or Fight" are bound to get stuck in your head for many days afterwards.

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Helter Skelter

In the video below, Bono says, “This song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles. We’re stealing it back.”

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Back Porch Tapes update

From BPT's Facebook

Backporch Tapes 
I got a notice from ebay telling me it was multiple offenses major of posting nude children, Which I DID NOT DO....I never posted anything of Hendrickson period, never and the TOBBIN INTERNATIONAL FILMS thing is bullshit. I don't think You Tube has the balls to come out and say they HAD AND ALLOWED NUDE KIDS ON THERE which I didnt have anyway. I think You Tube is using Tobban to cober it up to save thier ass if the child nudity thing true. I had one photo of the Manson women standing nude with some kids and the parts were cover with a was them being HIPPIES not them being CHILD MOLESTERS. I also was informed this was by the ATTORNEYS of You Tube...and it a Major offense ....Saying things like they are not responsible and if sued or arrested they not liable. The they throw that Tobban thing up to make it look like something else. You Tube is not being truthful with that. I believe it was the Jewish Jesus who turned me in with her band of idiots. She menetioned the Nudity and how she cant look at it as part of her religion on more than one occasion. The same time it was cancelled out she BLOCKED ME from here on facebook. Its a ATWAR with LIES. I am now ATWAR with LIES TOO and will start showing some lies.....

Poor Michael - Sorry Dude.

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Read somethings-

Which links to-

Or if you don't like to read here is the short version-
AIRTREESWATER, and ANIMALS is a 4-part, seasonal album series by CHARLES MANSON on Magic Bullet Records that brings together these two passions. Each individual album features previously-unheard, authorized, and exclusive songs with a sharp focus on the non-sustainable environmental conditions mankind has wrought for itself. The recordings span numerous sessions and are presented in their raw, natural, and unadulterated form. Each installment also features striking artwork and careful presentation centered around the tenets and philosophies of ATWA (including exclusive paintings rendered by MANSON himself).  When all of the sensationalism, fear, projection, and knee-jerk response is stripped away, all that remains is a man named Charlie, strumming and picking away on his guitar and sending his passions into the ether.
Schedule of release:

• AIR CD/LP/Cass/Digital : Summer 2010 (August 10, 2010)
• TREES CD/LP/Cass/Digital : TBA
• WATER CD/LP/Cass/Digital : TBA
• ANIMALS CD/LP/Cass/Digital: TBA

crappy copy i know
click to enlarge and put on your reading glasses

Backporch Tapes's Youtube Channel

This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's Copyright Policy.


Too bad. Can't think of who's copyrights he could have violated. Oh well...

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The Social Swim by Yvonne: A Big Evening for Gibby Folger

San Francisco Examiner, December 22, 1961

Exotic Abigal (Gibby) Folger was presented to San Francisco and Peninsula society last night at a magnificent Italianate ball given by her father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Folger, at the Hotel St. Francis.

Seemingly dozens of dinners were given first, but by far the largest was the one hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Kelham in the hotel's Borgia Room.

It was for all this year's debs, their escorts and a few of the Kelhams' friends. Guests included the Folgers, the James Floods, Mr. and Mrs. James Barnett of Bel Air, Mrs. Selby McCreery, Peter McBean, Whitney Warren and Mrs. Ines Mejia Folger, who is Gibby's mother.

Mrs. Kelham was a hostess in abstentia, because she has been hospitalized and is now convalescing.

The dinner tables were covered with American Beauty satin cloths, and centerpieces included gold baskets filled with white camellias and garlanded gold candelabra.

Mr. and Mrs. Folger and Gibby received in the foyer beside the Colonial Room. The tall debutante's dress was a bright yellow Dior, which she purchased in Paris last summer. It was designed with an Empire bodice, three-quarter-length sleeves and a long skirt. Mrs. Folger's gown had a square-necked green sequin bodice and a white satin skirt.

Bruce Kelham was decor adviser and began with a pink and green color scheme. The receiving line was stationed in front of a trellis entwined with foliage and pink camellias. Beside it was a filigree screen with Gibby's orchid gifts.

Ernie Heckscher's Orchestra played for dancing at the opposite end of the room, the musicians flanked by 14-foot pink and green striped banners drawn up above the center of the ensemble.

The little balcony boxes around the room were shaded with pink and green striped awnings.

Supper was served after midnight in the adjoining Italian Room, where the small tables were covered in dusty pink satin and the buffet in green satin.

The entrance to the room was marked with striped maypole banners. Behind the buffet were jewel-studded gilded instruments joined together with pink camellias and puffs of pink satin.

Among the dinner parties given before the ball were those hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sutro, Scott Martin, Dr. and Mrs. Cabot Brown, the Marshal Fishers, Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Soto-Hall and Mr. and Mrs. George Kimball. The Kimballs' party honored Nancy Miller, the Harry East Millers' daughter, who made her debut last year.

Other dinners were given by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dohrmann, the Charles Mayers and the Charles Munns.

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From "Death To Pigs"

Nancy Pitman on Charlie telling her to "Get a knife and a change of clothes."

Merrick: Talk about the garbage runs.

Brenda: I wanna tell you what...back of the market and uh, we were gonna ask the guy in the back of the market if he had any broken up boxes of food or dented cans. And uh, he came out with a big box full of fruit that was just ripe, but nobody would buy it cause it was too ripe. So we asked him if we could have it and he says "Naw, I gotta throw it out." So he threw it. They got these big cans and like, the got one for vegetables and one for boxes and one for meat. And he took the whole box and just dumped it in.  So, we went in after it,  We got, we picked through it and we picked all the ones that didn't have any bruises on em or anything like that so we took em out. We went through and we discovered they throw out boxes and boxes of stuff like this, that we could go through and pick out the good stuff and then take it and wash it.  And takes the skins off and stuff, which is interesting, because when I was testifying, they asked me, "Had Charlie ever asked me to take a knife and change of clothes an uh, go somewhere?" Well yeah, he did. We used to go on garbage runs. One day, the first day I went on a garbage run, Charlie said "Go to the kitchen, get a knife, and take some clean clothes. cause you'll get dirty in the cans and uh "Go do a garbage run." So i got a change of clothes and a knife and I went down to the market.

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The last still shots from Hang Fire filmed at Spahn's in 68 with a cameo by "Shorty"

Dick Warlock, Bill Willingham, Bob Bickston,
Don "Shorty" Shea sitting in the front wearing
a white hat.

Bob Bickston, Jerry Vance

Bill Willingham, Bob Bickston, Dick Warlock

Used with permission of Bob Bickston

on left Don right Charlie Aldrich

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Raw Footage from MANSON

Matt has asked if I could elaborate on the following paragraph posted on my website sometime ago.
"All of this exclusive film and the bizarre secrets it reveals will be available on the Net in what can only be described as an unprecedented event itself. You will experience through the eye of the camera, the entire expedition as I did. …instead of assembled sound bites and the pieces of film spliced together, you will ‘witness' it all; life on the streets in the 60's, love-ins, anti-war demonstrations, riots and the man who eclipsed it all, Charles Manson, uncensored."
About twelve years ago I rough cut (assembled) the MANSON footage described above into a five hour mini-series: "The Legend of Charles Manson". Only the sound effects and the narration were not yet incorporated into the project. Then, with eBay and Amazon providing a venue in which bad guys could unload their illegal wares, a New Jersey counterfeit ring started making and distributing unauthorized DVD copies of my 1973 MANSON film. I filed a Federal lawsuit in hopes that eBay would stop the "pirating" conducted on its website. But the Court determined that the US Congress intended for Internet service providers, via the DMCA, to be free of any obligations that might inhibit them from violating already established secondary liability laws.

Of course, then I was faced with the realization that if I finished the mini-series and released it, it would be immediately "pirated" all over the world. Especially, because I was going to put it on the web via a "pay-per-view" business model. So, I eventually thought of making an 85-minute condensed version of the "The Legend" series to test the actual extent to which widespread Internet "piracy" has taken over America and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, as this recent YouTube email proclaims: "Pirating will always be around."
"Dude, you have more Family jams and Watkins/Brooks recordings? Stuff that hasn't been released? Release it please! Pirating will always be around. What are you going to do, let it rot?"
And yes, the 1970 filmed Family Jams and the Watkins/Brooks recordings are included in the "The Legend" series, but should I try again at releasing more MANSON material, in the hopes that a different result will occur?  Instead of victimizing myself with even more insanity, I decided to write a book which incorporates most all of the dialogue recorded during the making of the MANSON material from late 1969 through the summer of 1972. Obviously, the result is "Death to Pigs".

Because the paper and ink book publishing business is now in a bad way and the DVD market has been all but destroyed by the illegal downloading on the Internet, I came up with a new marketing idea. I'm still trying to work it all out, but the plan is to also release the MANSON book as a "play-book". That is, to allow those who purchase it with the intent to perform the work on the stage as a play, to maintain all the ticket sales monies they earn for themselves. In other words, a high school or college drama class can purchase copies of "Death to Pigs" for each speaking part and be granted permission under my copyright to perform the work for profit.

So, instead of a school just performing the same of "establishment" type entertainment for the community's elders, young actors will have an opportunity to do something dramatic, meaningful, mentally stimulating, and profitable for their school. This can easily become a win-win situation for everyone. Maybe this could even lead to "Death to Pigs" on Broadway starring the new Lindsay Lohan. What do you all think?

Robert Hendrickson

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Anton La Vey's Black House: 6114 California St.

Now: And, Then:

The Black House was used by Anton LaVey as the headquarters of his Church of Satan from 1966 until his death in 1997. LaVey lost ownership of the house in 1991, but was allowed to reside at the Black House until his death. Members of the Church of Satan unsuccessfully attempted to raise funds to repurchase the house, and it was demolished on October 17, 2001. The original address, which was 6114 California, is no longer used.

Annotated Haight Ashbury NOW

above: The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, today.

Recently Patty saddled up her old Mule and went to the big city...Ridgecrest! Ha, just kiddin ya, she went to San Francisco. One of her favorite places to visit there is the Upper Haight, aka the Haight-Ashbury. In her youth, Patty actually lived in the Haight. And like many other young people there had many addresses in a short period of time. Take Charlie and Mary, for instance. Most of us know about the house at 636 Cole, but did you know that they also stayed for a while at 616 Page in the lower Haight? True story. And Janis Joplin: her “most famous” address is 635 Ashbury, but the place she is said to have lived when Susan Atkins met Charlie in 1967 was a place at 122 Lyon. Sadie wrote in her autobiography that the commune in which she was staying was “right next door” to Janis. 122 is the house in the middle of the photo below, so Sadie either lived in the house on the right or on the left of it:
Patty remembers that in the early 90’s the Haight could at times be a seedy and dangerous place. Today? Not so much. Verrrrry gentrified, just like in the days before the Summer of Love. Here is Patty’s hack job map if’n you ever find yourself in the area and want to see the sights: what’s left of ‘em, that is. key to above:
Black: 543 Frederick: the Kerista Commune (okay, so they were early 70's, not 1967. Patty just likes cults)
White: 318 Parnassus, Hunter S. Thompson's pad
Red: 122 Lyon, home to Janis Joplin during 1967-1968
Orange: 558 Clayton, Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, where the girls were treated, where Gibby's mother did charity work, and where the Family became the topic of a scholarly paper entitled "A Case Study of the Charles Manson Group Marriage Commune" by Dr. David E. Smith.
Yellow: 407 Cole, original SF home of The Process Church of the Final Judgment
Purple: 1350 Waller, Digger bakery where Peter Coyote and friends baked up free wheat bread in one and two pound coffee cans. If you want the recipe, you can find it at:
Pink: 710 Ashbury, Home of the Grateful Dead
Blue: 636 Cole, Charlie's Upper Haight pad

above: 407 Cole Street, Home of The Process

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This is HIPPIE SCHOLAR aka: Savage, JimNY, MonkeyBoy, RoleModelForDummies plus others.

To get a better idea of who you are dealing with, The link is about Hippie Scholar and something special he did

This guy is on a thread at LSB at this very moment. First he states George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. are responsible for TLB and then does a 180* and says Tex planned Nader's murder because he was jealous that he banged Linda.

I didn't really know what a FREAK this guy was until now. Well.... I knew he was an idiot, but not a FREAKING idiot.

Long Horn Saloon

Spahn Movie Ranch in front of
the Long Horn Saloon.

My bad I forgot  to write down what movie was being filmed
and where I found it.
I have a piece of one of the frosted glass windows!

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14th and Q, Sacramento: Where Red and Blue grew (and stole?) their food

This is the Fremont Community Garden in downtown Sacramento. There are 52 plots and today there is a very long waiting list to get one. Formerly known as The Ron Mandela Community Garden, it started up in 1971 and is the place where, because they were vegetarians, Squeaky and Sandy grew most of their food. The place on P Street which they inhabited from June of 1973 until September 1975 is a quick three block walk to the northeast. There is also an SLA safehouse nearby where Patty Hearst is said to have stayed during this same time.

One of Panamint Patty’s favorite reads is Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme by Jess Bravin. In that book, Bravin writes that by all accounts, Lynn was well liked by the other gardeners at Ron Mandela. She was helpful, motivated and easy to get along with. Sandra however, was described as more antisocial and as possibly pilfering her neighbor’s crops!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Manson Book: "Eyes Wide Open" UPDATED

"With nine thrillers to his name — including five No. 1 bestsellers with James Patterson — Purchase's Andrew Gross is a master at crafting riveting reads.
But with his latest novel, "Eyes Wide Open," released today by Harper Collins, Gross ventures into new territory. It's a departure from his popular Ty Hauck series and, for the first time, he creates an intricate tale by drawing upon two real-life events: the death of his troubled young nephew and a chilling encounter more than 40 years ago with Charles Manson."

Click here to view full article:

And also here for an essay on "the making of" at

Update On Manson Girls

Manson Girls starts filming in 2 weeks.

Read Something-Dinner With Charlie

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From "Death to Pigs": Snake

From "Death to Pigs" Post trial, Squeaky and Sandy are asked about Snake.

Merrick: Snake?

Squeaky: Snakes a hole, she's an open hole. And she's..... she wants attention.

Sandy: She uh, she's a very young girl and by the time the, the DA's had gotten through with her she was speaking their language.

She was speaking court talk. She's just like a baby. She can be molded whatever way anyone chooses to mold her. When she was with us, she was slender and beautiful. Striking, that's how she got her name, Snake. Charlie named her.

Everyone needs to buy "Death to Pigs" if you mention Eviliz when ordering instead of paying $100.00 you can get it for $65.00. That is very nice of Mr. Hendrickson. The book is the size of an old school phone book. 573 pages chock full of never scene before photos. Great summer read. Worth every penny.

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Addendum To The Female Bunch

The Female Bunch - An utterly bizarre psychedelic exploitation western. The Female Bunch tells the tale of five lesbians who live on a ranch. They despise men and none are allowed to live with them on the ranch. Russ Tamblyn can bee seen having his face branded before being impaled with a pitchfork.
I was wondering why the man on the cover had a cross on his forehead.

Above is another synopsis I found about The Female Bunch.

The movie was filmed at Spahn Movie Ranch in 1969. It is very likely the Family was living there at the time of filming. There is a good possibility Charlie and company watched the filming. Maybe even a few members appeared as extras? There are quite a few similarities in the movie and - in the life of the Family.

The Family - An utterly bizarre psychedelic exploitation semi-western.  A group of (bi-sexual) women live on the ranch with very few men. One man being their leader, Charlie. They despise society and its rules. The leader Charlie himself branded an X on his forehead. His women followed suit.

Did Charlie take what he saw in the filming of the movie and intertwine it with his own life and the Family?

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Nancy Pitman

Nancy Pitman (2011)

Charlie's Chief Assassin with AB toddler (around 1980)

Shorty Shea Murdered

I was reading about the day Shorty Shea was murdered.  August 26, 1969.  I read that Charlie,Clem,Tex,Bruce,Shorty plus Bill Vance and Little Larry were all in the car when Shorty was driven to his death.  Did anyone else ever hear Bill and Larry were present?  That would make them accessories to Shorty's murder.  Mr. Poirot and I were discussing this earlier.  Mr. P told me Charlie did say there were other people in the car that night but he didn't name names.  Was it the 59' Ford they drove that day?  The murder mobile. I bet Shorty knew it was a set up and he only had moments to live. 
Someone I can't remember who recently asked me what happened to Shorty's matching guns. I found the answer. Shorty was known to pawn his guns for some extra cash but he always retrieved them on a buy back from the pawn shop.  Somehow Bruce ended up with the pawn ticket for Shorty's guns.  Bruce then gave the ticket to Danny DeCarlo.  
Bruce claimed he did not participate in disposing of Shea's body nor did he know where Shorty was buried.  Clem said that he alone buried the body. 
Approximately four months later on December 9th, 1969 Shea's 1962 Mercury was found parked on a side street.  
I was unable to find the location where they found his car.  Inside the car were Shorty's blood stained boots and his footlocker filled with his possessions.  
Surprise, surprise a palm print belonging to Bruce was found on the footlocker. I think Bruce like the rest of the Family, ever the scavenger riffled through Shorty's footlocker and that is where he got the pawn ticket for Shorty's guns.  It is funny how Bruce was at almost every murder/suicide except for Tate/LaBianca.
Where was Bruce on August 9th and 10th?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Movies Filmed At Spahn Movie Ranch

Quite A few soft core pornographic movies were filmed at Spahn Movie Ranch during 1969 besides Ramrodder.
Two of the movies Shorty Shea had bit parts in were,"Wanda the Sadistic Hypnotist" and "Hard On The Trail."  Below is some info on one of the movies shot there titled "The Female Bunch."
Notice the man in the cover photo has a cross
maybe carved on his forehead.  Click to enlarge
Shot on location at Spahn Ranch in the Summer of 1969, the infamous adopted home of the Manson family from 1968-1969, The Female Bunch was released the same month that California authorities raided the Ranch for Manson and his followers on suspicion of murder in October of 1969.

Plot: After a string of bad times with men, Sandy tries to kill herself. Co-waitress Libby saves her and takes her to meet some female friends of hers who live on a ranch in the desert.  The woman are completely independent of men.   Grace, the leader of the gang, puts Sandy through her initiation and they get on with the real job of running drugs across the Mexican border, hassling poor farmers, taking any man they please, and generally raising hell. Soon Sandy becomes unsure if this is the life for her, but it may be too late.
Watch the trailer              

One of the trailers on Spahn Ranch. Not sure of where the trailer sat at the ranch.  Possibly it may have sat at the back ranch. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

42 years ago today: It Begins

The story of Bernard "Lotsapoppa" Crowe

July 1st 1969-Charlie needed some money and ordered Tex to find some. Tex called his ex girlfriend Louella for money. She had none to give. Charlie again told Tex to get some money. Tex came up with a scam to burn someone. He called Louella with a really good deal on some weed. She hooked him up with a drug dealer Bernard Crowe.

Crowe and his crew drove Tex to the apartment where he would buy the weed. Slick Tex went into the building by the front door with Crowe's $2,500 and kept going right out the back door where T.J was waiting with the getaway car. Back to the ranch. After some time Crowe knew he was burned. He called the ranch demanding his money back or he was coming to the ranch to kill everybody.

On July 1, 1969 Charlie went to meet Crowe at his apartment to "smooth things over". He ended up shooting Crowe. After Crowe hit the floor Charlie demanded the buckskin jacket one of Crowe's henchmen was wearing. He quickly turned the jacket over to Charlie (see arrest photos below in which he is wearing said jacket).  After that T.J.split the whole scene and reappeared after the arrests.

The next day on the radio was a broadcast about someone dumping a dead Black Panther near U.C.L.A the night before. Charlie assumed it was Crowe.

The paranoia begins. All of a sudden there were alot of black people visiting the ranch riding the horses. Charlie was convinced all the black people were spies for the Black Panthers. That was when Charlie started posting armed guards at night and ordering the Family to sleep scattered in the back hills. This was the beginning of the end: the seed of the killings to come.