Monday, October 27, 2014

A&E Biography: The Manson Girls

Patty didn't have very high hopes for this documentary, and the opening lines by Linda Deutsch cemented her opinion before the good stuff even started: "It was the first real cult...the first real cult murders we knew of...he perverted them and corrupted them, and they became something else." Oh, dear. As you can imagine, more of the same old same old media BS ensued, but there were some interesting photos of the girls and their parents that Patty had never seen before. First, Leslie:

 Then, Pat:


There were, Patty will concede, two interesting tidbis about Lyn's life. In high school, Lyn dated a guy named Bill Siddons, who went on to manage The Doors:

Additionally, her high school friends also related a story about her methodically stapling her arm with a staple gun, and "not flinching." Wow. Had you ever heard that one?

Anyhoo if you care to see the rest of this steaming pile of refried dog poop: